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Win*Star 6.0 – Standard, Extended & Professional Expand
Blue*Star – Personal & Professional Expand
Sirius 3.0 – by Cosmic Patterns Software Expand
Kepler 8.0 – by Cosmic Patterns Software Expand
Bindu – Vedic Software by Cosmic Patterns Software Expand
Matrix Horizons – AstroMapping Software Expand
Day Watch – Forecasting & Calendar Software Expand
Matrix Search – Transit-Progression Searches Expand
Winning Times Expand
Win*Writer – Professional Reports Collection Expand
Win*Writer in Spanish – Professional Reports Collection Expand
Cosmic Patterns Reports – Professional Reports Expand
Tarot – Commercially Licensed Edition


  Personal/Express Software
Blue*Star – Personal Expand
Win*Star Express V6 – Personal Expand
Pegasus V4 – Personal Software Expand
BioWriter – Biorhythm Software
KNOW Thru Astrology – Personal Software Expand
Win*Writer Express – Personal Reports Collection Expand
Win*Writer Express in Spanish – Personal Reports Expand
Astrology Starter Package – 4 Express Personal Programs
Tarot – Personal Edition


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Matrix Programs List
Astro*Carto*Graphy Professional Astro*Talk Professional Astro*Talk Pro in Spanish Astro*Talk Express Astro*Talk Express in Spanish Biowriter Bindu Blue*Star Personal Blue*Star Professional Child*Star Professional Child*Star Pro in Spanish Child*Star Express Child*Star Express in Spanish Cosmic Patterns 74 Reports Day Watch Friends & Lovers Professional Friends & Lovers Pro in Spanish Friends & Lovers Express Friends & Lovers Express Spanish Heaven Knows What Professional Heaven Knows What Express Horizons Just for Women Professional Just for Women Express Kepler KNOW Your Child KNOW Your Dog KNOW Your Future KNOW Your Lover KNOW Your Self Life Progressions Professional Life Progressions Express Lunar Return Professional Lunar Return Express Midpoint Keys Professional Opportunities Professional Opportunities Express Past Lives Professional Past Lives Express Pegasus Relating Potential Professional Relating Potential Express Serch – The Time Machine Simpaticos Professional Simpaticos Express Sirius SkyLog Professional SkyLog Express Solar Arc Predictions Professional Solar Return Professional Solar Return Express Tarot Commercial Tarot Personal The Asteroid Report Professional The Asteroid Report Express The Sky Within Professional The Sky Within Pro Spanish The Sky Within Express The Sky Within Express Spanish Time-Line Professional Time-Line Pro in Spanish Time-Line Express Time-Line Express in Spanish Win*Star 6.0 Extended Win*Star 6.0 Professional System Win*Star 6.0 Standard Win*Star Express Winning Times Your Spiritual Path Professional Your Spiritual Path Express