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Note that Kepler version 8 is required to purchase any of these new options.

Automatic Rectification
Buy Automatic Rectification Add-On for Kepler $150.00 $125.00

Simply enter major events in a person’s life, the forecast methods you wish to use and a graph of the likelihood that the person was born at different possible birth times is produced. A detailed listing of astrological aspects and scores are also produced. What would take days or weeks now is done automatically. You can also customize and create the formula (AstroSignature) used for the events.

Kepler Data
Buy Kepler Data Add-On for Kepler $50.00

For just $50 you can expand Kepler 8 into a powerhouse astrological tool for exploring ideas and making discoveries. This database of 85,000 charts gives you the ability to take advantage of the powerful research features that are already included in Kepler 8.

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