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Does a relationship show real promise to be a long-lasting friendship where you can trust each other?

These reports describe the issues that arise in the relationship between 2 people. The strong points and potential problem areas are described. Each report has its own unique way of interpreting the astrological influences, and each report uses different methods to determine the most important themes in the relationship.

Compatibility English $200 Compatibility Spanish $200 Compatibility French $200 Compatibility German $200 Compatibility Russian $200 Compatibility Norwegian $200 Compatibility Report by Gina Ronco

This option produces a report that analyzes the relationship of 2 people; either friends or romantic. It is written by Gina Ronco. There is a separate text provided for romantic and non-romantic relationships. The Compatibility Report discovers the most signficant issues of the relationship (similar to the way an astrologer does it) and emphasizes these issues by placing them at the beginning of the report in a separate chapter. Very readable and offers insights on how to handle problem areas and better appreciate each other. The Compatibility Report is usually 10 to 15 pages in length with an average length of about 12 pages.

Languages available: English, Spanish, German, Norwegian, French, Russian.

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Psyche & Eros English $200
Psyche & Eros by Lenore Canter

What is it you want to know when you are checking out a romantic relationship? Basically two things. First, you want to understand the emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups and issues each person brings to the relationship - in other words, the relationship potential of each person. And then, of course, you want to understand how the emotional needs, temperament, hang-ups and issues of one person relate to those of another person in order to see how they would get along - in other words, the compatibility analysis.

The Psyche and Eros Relationship Analysis consists of 4 sections: the first two sections describe the relationship potential of each person, and sections 3 and 4 are the compatibility analysis, describing how the two people experience each other and the relationship from the perspective of each person.

Languages available: English only

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Mariage & Romance English $150
C&C Mariage & Romance by Dorothy Oja

Rather than interpret every interaction between two charts, this report by well-known astrologer Dorothy Oja interprets only particularly important aspects between the two charts and relationships between zodiac sign placements, Aspects to the ruler of the 7th house cusp, aspects to angles, aspects to inner planets, and important zodiac sign placements are interpreted. In this way, the major themes and issues of the relationship are revealed. About 10-12 pages in length.

Languages available: English only

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Busines & Friends English $200
C&C Busines & Friends by Dorothy Oja

This report is based on Dorothy Oja's extensive work in relationshp counseling and analyzing the lives of the famous and infamous. The contacts described in this report are certainly not all the combinations possible between two individuals, but instead this report focuses on the core patterns of relationship analysis that Dorothy uses in determining areas of compatibility and potential conflict between individuals. These basic points of contact are analyzed to arrive at an interpretation of what is central and important in the relationship. This interpretive report is actually two different reports with the same format. You can run a report for friendships and a different report for business relationships.

Languages available: English only

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Venus Report Spanish $100
Venus Report by Carmen Lacau

This report is a compatibility report for romantic relationships. Venus in each of the two charts is analyzed in terms of how each person approaches a romantic relationship and the issues that are likely to arise. The sign, house, and aspects of Venus are interpreted. Also interpreted is a comparison of the sign placement of Venus in the two charts. The Venus Report focuses in on attraction and romant compatibility and is designed to describe themes and tendencies that arise in the romantic bond between two people. This report is about 8, pages in length.

Languages available: Spanish only

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Heaven Sent Report English $75
Heaven Sent by Maxine Taylor

This report is divided into two sections. The first deals with planets in houses, that is, which of your natal houses are triggered by his/her planets and vise versa. The second section deals with planets in aspect, or how your planets relate to each other. This report is about 5-10, pages in length.

Languages available: English only

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Composite Report English $150 Composite Report Spanish $150
Comopsite Report by Art Poppe

This report analyzes romantic relationships by analyzing the composite chart in detail. Composite charts are very popular among professional astrologers for a very simple reason: they work! In this report Art Poppe interprets the composite chart in detail: the rising sign and decanate, as well as signs on other cusps, house and sign placements, aspects, and midpoint structures are interpreted.

Languages available: English and Spanish

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Star*Mate Report English $225
Star*Mate by Pemo Theodore

This report analyzes a romantic relationship between two people by interpreting the composite chart by focusing on the following: the essential issues of the relationship, how the couple deals with essential issues, where and how they complement each other, how and what they communicate, the weakness of the relationship and the influences that can affect the longevity of the relationship. Also discussed are karmic areas and background issues of the relationship.

Pemo Theodore's approach to the composite chart is innovative and intriguing: she interprets factors like the asteroids Eros, Cupido, and Sappho and other as well as more commonly used asteroids like Ceres and Juno. Also, Black Moon Lilith (the Moon's agogee) is included in the analysis. The report addresses issues that married couples and romantic partners are concerned about based on the author's decades of work with clients, and the text is written in a fluid, interesting style.

By default, the composite chart is calculated using the Derived Ascendant method of calculation, and you can change the default to the Ascendant Method or MC Method if desired.

Languages available: English only

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LoveTies Report English $150
LoveTies by Sheryl Canter

The LoveTies report describes how two people would get along in a romantic relationship. The complete report has four sections: two natal reports (what each person is like) and two compatibility reports (how each person experiences the other).

LoveTies features insightful analysis and a natural language style that does not sound at all computer-generated. Names and pronouns are inserted throughout just as they would be in natural speech. The author of LoveTies, Sheryl Canter, is a professional writer and daughter of noted astrologer Lenore Canter.

Languages available: English only

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