Specialized Natal Reports for Sirius, Kepler, and Pegasus Software
There are 17 specialized reports to choose from in this category.
From Child Reports to Vocational Guidance reports, plus several reports that analyze the birth chart from a metaphysical point of view.

There are a variety of specialized reports. Some focus on a particular area or aspect of life, such as vocation. Others are written specifically for a particular age group, such as children or seniors. There are 17 specialized reports to choose from in this category.

All of the reports described below, focus on a particular issue or group of people. For example, the Child Report is written specifically for parents of children, the Vocational Guidance report focuses on career choices, and several reports analyze the birth chart from a metaphysical point of view.

Adult Report English $200 Adult Report Spanish $200 Adult Report by Horacio Valsecia

This report analyzes issues of importance to adults, including marriage and sexuality. This report uses direct language and utilizes a comprehensive approach to the chart. Like Horacio's other reports, we get very positive feedback on this report.

Languages available: English and Spanish

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Astro Analysis English $75 Astro Analysis by Maxine Taylor

This report an interpretation of the birth chart designed for beginning students of astrology. This report helps you apply basic astrological meanings of the planets, signs, and houses to a birth chart so that you can learn how to interpret the birth chart on your own. The author untangles the complexities of the astrology chart with a straightforward method of translating the symbols in a chart wheel into meaningful statements about the person. About 15 pages in length.

Languages available: English only

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Chakra Healing English $150 Chakra Healing Report by Lorna Houston

This report is about how you can heal your mind and body by being aware of the latent energies in your aura and making the best, most spiritual use of them. Your aura is a field of energy that permeates and surrounds your physical body. It has seven special energy centers within it called chakras. Chakras are vortexes of energy, and they are the places in your aura where divine consciousness can come in and manifest in your physical body, especially if you are receptive to it and use your willpower to allow it to enter.

Disclaimer: The Chakra Healing Report neither diagnoses nor prescribes, but works on the subtler level of the astral aura, as described by astrology, to understand and potentially re-direct the energies before they manifest on the physical level, so that you may be in tune with the higher, spiritual purpose for which the energies are intended rather than have them manifest as any lack of vitality or health.

Languages available: English only

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Child Report English $150 Child Report Spanish $150 Child Report French $150 Child Report German $150 Child Report Portuguese $150 Child Report Norwegian $150 Child Report by Horacio Valsecia

This report is written specifically for parents of children, and it focuses on issues that parents are concerned about for their children: the needs, talents, potential problems, health, relationship to parents, the school environment, etc. This report give guidance to get to know their children as they grow up. It is accurate and well-written. This report is about 12-14 pages.

Languages available: English, Spanish (pdf), Portuguese (pdf), French (pdf), and German (pdf)

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Chiron & Asteroid English $150 Chiron and Asteroid Gems by Donna Henson

Many astrologers use Chiron but are still not sure of exactly how to interpret the zodiac sign, house placement, and aspects to Chiron. This report by Donna Henson provides these interpretations.

Donna has been using Chiron in her chart interpretations for decades and she has explored the finer nuances of the meaning of Chiron in the birth chart. If you are interested in Chiron, you may find this report revealing. She also added the four major asteroids instepretations along with the nodes.

Languages available: English only

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Fixed Stars English $50 Fixed Stars by Dr. Randall Roffe, D.C.

A star in the Celestial Sphere which is so far away that its proper motion due to its own velocity or precession is virtually unobservable to the eye over the time period of a century or so. This program prints interpretations for conjunctions of planets (listed by house rulers), ascendant, midheaven, and other house cusps to over 60 major "fixed" stars and star clusters, all distant suns in their own systems. Called "fixed" because of their unchanging constellation patterns, against whose backdrop the planets move, these stars are the brightest stars we see at night. Bright stars generally not used for interpretation are those over 45 degrees north or south of the ecliptic path; and in "crowded" areas of the heavens, only the most powerful stars are selected for interpretation.

Languages available: English only

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Essence & Gem English $150 Essence & Gem French $150 Essence & Gem Portuguese $150 Flower Essence & Gem by Gina Ronco

This beautifully written report analyzes patterns of imbalance found in the natal chart and offers very unique alternatives to traditional medicine. The report includes ill-health tendencies of the person and provides specific tools which can improve health of the entire being by offering suggestions for the emotional, mental, and spiritual body. Flower essences, gems, music, aroma therapy and color therapy are among the healing tools that are mentioned in the report.

Gina Ronco, who in addition to being an astrologer is also a flower essence practitioner and Reiki healer. This report analyzes hard aspects (trines and sextiles are not interpreted) and zodiac sign positions of the inner planets. Obviously, this is a unique report, and we think it will be a popular one. About 8-10 pages.

Languages available: English, French (pdf), and Portuguese (pdf)

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Galactic Report English $150 Galactic Report by Philip Sedgwick

This report interprets the influence of a group of asteroids known as Centaurs and also Black Holes in the birth chart. Modern astronomers have discovered a great many celestial objects that the ancients did not know exist. Philip is bringing astrology up to date with modern astronomy through his extensive research and work with objects in the outer limits of our solar system and beyond. These objects reveal emotional and spiritual sides of the person that have been previously overlooked. The Galactic Report supercedes the Centaur Report, which is an earlier version of this same report. Owners of the Centaur Report can upgrade to the Galactic Report for $75.

Languages available: English only

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Hidden Message English $75 Hidden Message by Maxine Taylor

This report describes subconscious issues that can affect your attitude towards life, and in particular how your relationship with your parents can be affecting your personality. About 7 page.

Languages available: English only

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Iris Asteroids English $200 Iris Asteroids Finnish $200 Iris Asteroids Report by Roderick Kidston

Very well written and one of a kind, the Iris Report is the only asteroid report that includes an in-depth analysis of twelve major dwarf planets and asteroids and their impact in the natal chart. Inclusion of these asteroids adds balance, detail and depth of meaning to astrological interpretation.

The Iris Report gives you the opportunity, for the first time, to add twelve asteroids to the major factors usually considered in the chart. A typical chart includes the Sun and Moon, the planets, Chiron and Lilith. Now you have twelve additional factors to provide a much more complete picture of how the astral energies were constellated at the time of birth for any chart you are reading.

The report focuses on each of the asteroids or dwarf planets and relates them to all the other major elements of the horoscope. Interpretations for the two important angles, the Ascendant and Midheaven, and the Nodes of the Moon are included.

Languages available: English and Finnish. Note: that the English version includes Flora, Hekate, and Chiron analysis which is not available in the Finnish version.

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KiddieGram Report English $150 KiddieGram Report Spanish $150 KiddieGram Report French $150 KiddieGram by Moira Collins Griffin

This astrological portrait of your child is intended to give you insight into your child's unique gifts and challenges. Much of a child's behavior which may puzzle or stymie this child's parents are quite normal, common "developmental stages" of childhood, and there are a number of fine books available on the subject which illuminate the predictable stages that children experience as they unfold. In addition to the universal patterns, each child is an individual with particular qualities, potentials, and needs, and an understanding of these can help you parent your child more wisely and effectively. Acceptance and appreciation for a child's basic nature, and an awareness of the places where there might be stress or difficulties for your child, can be important allies in parenting. This report is about 9-10 pages.

Languages available: English, Spanish, and French.

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Life Awakening English $150 Life Awakening Report by Lorna Houston

This report is designed to affirm your oneness with God and to help you dissolve any blockages to your ultimate awareness. Special attention will be paid to removing any such influences which may be lingering from your prenatal and birth experiences, so that you can then live from the purity of your conception.

This report is a sequel to the Chakra Healing Report, in that once you have healed all seven of your chakras, you can focus on living from the highest spiritual awareness of your Crown Chakra. Your Crown Chakra is the thousand-petaled lotus, which is infinitely more complex and magnificent than all of your other chakras combined. It is in your Crown Chakra that your awareness is one with God. Holistic healing rightly unifies your body, mind and spirit, and your Crown Chakra pertains to your spirit.

Languages available: English only

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Medicine Wheel English $100 Medicine Wheel by Dr. Randall Roffe, D.C.

Dr. Roffe is a direct descendant of the Chickamaugan Tsulawi Cherokee, Chickasaw, and Southern Shawnee Kvniakati practitioners. He is not a member of any currently Federally recognized tribal entity.

Languages available: English only

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Midpoint Weighting English $180 Midpoint Weighting Analysis by Michael Munkasey

This report provides new insights into the natal chart using the Midpoint Weighting Analysis system developed by Michael Munkasey. Clear and detailed explanations of the promise and potential of your natal chart are provided. This unique natal report reveals the clear new insights into a person's character that are possible through analysis of the most important midpoints in the chart.

Michael Munkasey is a well-known astrologer and author who has employed his decades of experience and expertise to write this report. He developed the "Midpoint Weighting Analysis" system through years of research and study. Because this report is written in simple and clear English, you do not need to understand what a midpoint is to read this report. However, astrologers will also see how this pioneering new development by Michael Munkasey can show what traits are strongest in a person.

Languages available: English only

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Nature Appr'n English $125 Nature Appreciation by Lorna Houston

Most astrological reports focus on us as individuals, but each one of us is part of our communities, and the world. While we strive for success and happiness, what effect are we having on our natural environment? This report focuses on what you can do to be a better world citizen, and more specifically what you can do to nourish and protect our planet, and leave the earth a more beautiful place than when you entered it. About 10 pages in length.

Languages available: English only

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Naughty Natal English $50 Naughty Natal by Art Poppe

This report makes a good gift or practical joke! It pokes fun at the person and keeps you laughing and often because they are accurate too. Art Poppe, author of this report, likes to poke fun especially at the sexual side of the person, and the language is rather raw and is designed strictly for adults. The printout is 5 pages in length.

Languages available: English only

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Personal Security English $125 Personal Security by Lorna Houston

This report by Lorna Houston offers readers a chance to analyze the environment around them based on their birth information and promotes awareness of crime and possible solutions for avoiding it. Lorna gives attention to breaking the pattern of karmic situations in which people find themselves victimized. This unique report is well written and is one of a kind. The purpose of this report is to provide you with information which you can use to help protect yourself (or your child) from crime, based on your astrological chart.

Languages available: English only

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Prosperity Report English $150 Prosperity Report by Lorna Houston

The Prosperity Report provides you with the keys to your own unique potential for living a prosperous life, and you can use these insights to "plant new seeds", so to speak, in your subconscious mind. The path to prosperity often lies in our attitudes and subconscious beliefs, motives, and expectations. By relaxing and stilling our conscious minds and allowing a new attitude and new thoughts to become rooted in our subconscious minds, we can find ourselves living a more prosperous and enjoyable life. By discovering and articulating the path that is naturally suited to you, you can begin to focus on the visualizations, thoughts, and attitudes that are attuned to your highest potential and your unique gifts and talents. Positive thoughts anchored in our own individual natures are very powerful. Let the Prosperity Report help liberate you and leave you with the proper resources to actualize and express what is dearest to you.

Languages available: English only

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Revelation Report English $75 Revelation by Maxine Taylor

This report is the implementation of the knowledge that you are the Creator of your life. YOU determine the level of functioning of your chart and the degree of happiness and success in your life. When you function on this level, your life takes on a richness of dimension it has not had before. You take the responsibility for creating your life the way you would like it to be. You see the planets as those gifts and talents you have chosen to express in this lifetime. You fulfill your limitless potential because you see what CAN be, rather than what cannot. The chart then becomes a guide, rather than the source of your happiness or unhappiness. It becomes a reflection of your own spiritual evolution. REVELATION: THE NEW ASTROLOGY is designed to assist you in that evolution. It is about love and appreciation of the God within, the acknowledgment of the Truth of who you are and, as a result, the beautiful expression of that Truth.

Languages available: English only

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Senior Report English $125 Senior Report by Robbi Dyer

Most astrological reports assume that the reader is an adult, and is concerned with issues of career, marriage, romance, family, and inner development. The Senior Report addresses the issues that people face in later years. Author Robbi Dyer has written interpretations for planet and house combinations and created a database of almost 2,000 interpretations so that the interpretations sero in on specific details of people's life. Robbi describes how you can maximize your potential in your later years to live a fulfilling and meaningful life. About 10 pages in length.

Languages available: English only

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The Earth Mandala English $75 The Earth Mandala by Bernie Ashman

Bernie's reading of Carl Jung's work with the collective unconscious and archetypes inspired Bernie to write this report. Bernie says it deepened his experience of astrology and life in general to have encountered Carl Jung's work. Another influence to The Earth Mandala was the Sabian Symbol work of Marc Edmund Jones and the later writings about the Sabian Symbols by Dane Rudhyar. The Sabian approach was an innovative and intuitive way to observe the degrees of the zodiac, a type of Astrological I-Ching you could say. Perhaps just as key an ingredient to the writing of The Earth Mandala was Bernie's own inner experience of meditation and his own intuitive way of "tuning into" the writing of the material.

How To Use This Report
Your Day of Birth: You can look up your own month and day of birth. There are challenging and illuminating sections that can be read. This information is intended to help you clarify key reasons for your incarnation. The idea isn't to give you all of the answers but a few clues on how to better understand your mission. Think of this report as helping to point you toward a deeper connection with your life purpose. There are no perfect people so don't feel bad if you read something that seems a bit negative. If we were perfect with no lessons to learn, there would be no reason for being here. Don't you agree? Think of karma or the challenges you face as growth potential.

Keep a Positive Attitude when consulting with this report. If you have an open mind and heart, the information can help you find clarity. May your life fill with creative joy and the happiest embrace of Earth's mandala energy!

Languages available: English only

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Vertex Report English $125 Vertex Report by Donna Henson

The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. Every person sometimes finds himself or herself in a situation of meeting someone or visiting a place that feels very natural, as if we had known this person or place, but have forgotten it - even though it is our first meeting with the person or place. We sometimes feel that there is a destiny or definite purpose to our lives that sometimes lies before us regardless of what actions we take. There is a momentum or force that pushes us forward and the force is bigger than we are. Astrologers who analyze the point in the chart known as the Vertex have found that the Vertex describes the situations in which we find our destiny unfolding before us. The Vertex has a particularly important effect on our personal relationships because very often the magnetism that brings us together with others we are close to involves a magnetism and dynamic that is larger than our personal interests. The Vertex Report helps you understand how a larger sense of purpose and destiny works in your life. Destiny does not imply that there is no free will. We do choose our path in life, but very often it is much wiser to choose a path that follows the ocean current rather than one that is at cross purposes to it. In working with the prevailing forces we still have many choices on the finer details of how we express ourselves and the circumstances that we create within the context of these strong forces. The Vertex Report can help you navigate your way in life by seeing how the Vertex describes a force of destiny in your life.

Languages available: English only

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Voc. Guidance English $100 Voc. Guidance Spanish $100 Voc. Guidance Portuguese $100 Voc. Guidance Norwegian $100 Vocational Guidance by Horacio Valsecia

This report is designed to serve as a guide in finding your true vocation. At the same time an analysis of your personal characteristics, strengths or inhibitions, unused potential, karma, creativity, ability to earn money, work in relation to your employment etc., is given. At the end you will find a synthesis of the foregoing that will help you to summarize and clarify your mission in this life. Throughout this report numerous indications of possible vocations or professions related to your astrological influences are outlined. It is suggested that you reflect on this information so that in the end your own intuition can lead you to the best selection.

Languages available: English, Spanish (pdf), Portuguese (pdf), and Norwegian (pdf).

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World Peace English $125 World Peace by Lorna Houston

This report is based on a positive vision of world peace, and the belief that each individual has the potential within to make a significant contribution to world peace. The basis of inner peace is self-esteem and self-knowledge, and when enough individuals are self-aware, they will act in accordance with natural laws to promote harmony around them, and the result will be world peace.

Good will win out over evil, and the goodness within yourself will manifest through your individual personality. This report is designed to draw your attention to your potential, your unique opportunities for expressing it, and your ability to bring about harmony around you. Some of your ability is based on gifts which you already have, which are easy for you to draw upon. You also have the willpower to dissolve any blockages which may be standing in the way of your clear vision of the possibilities of harmony and peace. Start with a positive attitude, and you will be favorably surprised at what you can achieve and what you can overcome. Love yourself, and you are already creating world peace. About 11 pages in length

Languages available: English only

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