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Horary is an astrological method of that answers oracle questions. A question has to sacred in which, the date, time, and place when you thought of the question is recorded. Horary is the astrological method that find answers to a specific question by examining the chart drawn for the moment of the question.

Who Wins? English $150 Who Wins? by Lee Lehman

This report provides not only the report that determines whether the home team wins or away team wins but also the Who Wins graphic forecast and sports data to assist you in conducting research on sports events. This combination of features provides useful information and tools for the astrologer who has an interest in determining the winner of sporting events or in classical astrological methods.

The Who Wins? Report is based on extensive research by Lee Lehman on games to see whether the home team or away team is likely to win the game based on Bonatti's rules of war. The rules have been researched and adapted to modern games. While being closely based on Bonatti's rules, the rules in Who Wins has been adapted and implemented to work well for modern sports events.

Languages available: English only

Click here for a complete Who Wins HTML Sample

AstroQuest English $150
AstroQuest Horary by Randall Roffe

Randall Roffe, DC has designed a Horary Report to answer questions of any nature. Randall provides likely outcomes based on the planetary positions of the time and place of the question and combines this with natal chart aspects of the individual. Descriptions are given of the general situation, the questioner, the quesited object or person and much more. The horary program is a very helpful tool for the student of astrology and also a beneficial guide for anyone who wishes to be aided in their inquiries. Astroquest Horary Program is written in a very detailed but comprehensive language and would benefit a wide range of readers. There are 2 types of reports included in AstroQuest: AstroQuest Horary Report, and AstroQuest Love.

Languages available: English only

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