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Pegasus Features and Tools

We have carefully crafted every part of the user interface to enable you to get the information you want in a smooth and intuitive manner. Many programs allow you to do the basics of pulling up a chart with ease. But suppose you want to do something creative like look at the midpoint structures formed between a solar return and a natal chart or a harmonic chart of a composite chart. Even if your approach to astrology is simple or you are a beginner, when the day comes when you want to explore a new idea or step outside the basics, you will be glad that you have Pegasus. It all starts with the color-coded icons at the top of the main window.

Blue Icons Click the thumbnails for a bigger sample

Make a New Chart. A progression, solar return, composite chart, relocated chart, and harmonic chart, for example, give you a new set of planetary positions. Make new charts with the blue icons.

New Natal Chart New Chart

Add a New Chart is easy, just type the name, date, city, gender, and add it to a personal category. Next time you need this chart, you just start typing the name (or last name) and our database will pop up a list of names with your chart included.

Progression Chart Progressed Chart

Click on this icon to create a progressed chart. When you click on this icon, the Enter Progressed Chart Data Window is displayed.

Return Chart Progressed Chart

This option is used to create different kinds of return charts. Click on this icon or click
on "File" then select "Return Chart" to create the following charts:

  • Solar Return
  • Lunar Return
  • Planet Return
  • Relocated Chart Relocated Chart

    While the natal chart that you wish to be relocated is displayed, click on tjhis icon or click on "File" and then select "Relocated Chart". Select the place where you want to relocate.

    Composite Chart Composite Chart

    Click on this icon to create a composite chart. Make sure that you have at least 2 entries before clicking on it. Otherwise, a message window is displayed prompting you to enter additional charts.

    Green Icons Click the thumbnails for a bigger sample

    Select chart wheels, interpretations, listings. Here you select whatever information you want about this chart, whether it is a wheel, interpretation, table, listing, etc.

    Wheel Wheel

    When you select this menu you are prompted to select different chart wheel styles: Default, Customize, PopUp a Wheel, etc.

    Multi Wheels Multi Wheels

    The following options are displayed when you click on this icon;

  • BiWheel
  • Portrait Landscape Portrait Landscape

    While viewing a chart wheel on the screen, simply click on this icon to change to orientation of the wheel displayed on the screen. The default wheel orientation of the chart wheel when displayed on the screen is "Landscape". To change the orientation to "Portrait", click on this icon. The wheel orientation is then automatically updated. Click on it again want to change it back to landscape.

    Listings natal listing printouts from Pegasus

    You can produce two natal listing in a JPG format with Pegasus such as Planets Positions and Transneptunians.

    Interpretations Interpretations included in Pegasus

    Pegasus comes with the following Reports: Cosmo Natal, Cosmo Compatibility, Cosmo Forecast, and Major Life Themes that you can save in HTM format. You can also purchase optional report options if you want to add more to this list.

    For Interpretation samples click on the HTM Interpretations list at the right menu.

    Forecast Forecast Interpretations included in Pegasus

    When you click on "Forecast" Icon a long list of choices are displayed: Transit Interpretation, Text Listings (transit to Transit, transit to Natal), and Progressed to Natal.


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