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KNOW Your Dog
Buy KNOW Your Dog Download Only $75.00 Natal Horoscope Software If you love your dog, You will love this program.

Puppies or dogs don't come with manuals, but KNOW Your Dog software can give you something just as good. It can be hard trying to understand your dog's actions because they can't "talk" to you, but this report lets you gaze into the personality of your pooch and see what it is that he/she is trying to tell you.

Built specifically for non-astrologers and dog lovers, KNOW Your Dog draws on more than 6,000 years of accumulated astrological knowledge and experience to interpret exactly what your pet's chart means. Every chart is unique to each individual, like a fingerprint. Within that personal birth chart astrologers can identify personality traits and characteristics, natural potential, even possible challenges a dog may go through as they are growing old.

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Anyone can use this software. Enter the birth information and within seconds you will have an accurate, professional-quality chart and interpretations, written specifically for your dog. The reports you create with KNOW Your Dog are detailed and insightful, written in a clear, comfortable style. You can grow old with your new "best friend" with the confidence that comes from really knowing your pet.

You will love your KNOW Your Dog report so much, that you'll want to share that experience with every dog owner you know!


I loved this report; it was SO cute!!!
And mostly really true. It's hard to figure pets out since they can't "talk" to us; but this report helped me to understand my dog better. He's such a good, sweet boy.
I loved it!
– Rachel, Ann Arbor, MI




Click here to pop-up a Sample Interpretation in a PDF file format.

Your Dog's Chart A detailed personal horoscope for a dog

KNOW Your Dog software calculates the exact position of the planets at the instant of your dog's birth, evaluating each astronomical and astrological factor, and then creating your dog's personal birth chart.

Your dog's unique personal characteristics, natural talents, emotions, and hidden potential all reside within this natal chart.

Chart Styles Choose from five unique astrological chart styles

KNOW Your Dog lets you choose from five different chart styles.

Pop-up Interpretation Pop-up Interpretation

Click on a planetary symbol in the chart and get an instant pop-up interpretation of what it means. Or go to the in-depth report for insights into any chart/personality you create.

Reports are written by leading professional astrologers in a comfortable, easy style that makes them enjoyable and incredibly informative to read. You don't have to interpret the interpretations, they give you information you can use now.

Your Dog's Onscreen Interpretation Onscreen Interpretation

Onscreen you can move interactively through the chart interpretation by simply selecting a category such as Responsiveness, Feelings, Compatibility; Personality; Intelligence; Needs; Strengths; and Determination.

Print Styles Five print options

KNOW Your Dog reports are clear and succinct. Reading them is enjoyable and very revealing. Five print options let you select just what you want to print. You can print your report with or without your chart.

You can use KNOW Your Dog with confidence because it is powered by precision calculating engines created by Matrix Software, the most respected name in astrology software for more than 40 years.


KNOW Your Dog requires a computer with Windows 8, 10, or 11. With 512 MB RAM memory or more, and 23 Mb hard disk space. Also compatible with either 32 bit or 64 bit operating system.

KNOW Your Dog also runs on Mac computers with Windows Operating System installed.

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