The Sky Within <em>Express</em> natal report software
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" . . . it's not unusual to discover talents or confirm characteristics that you may have felt present within you, but that may not yet be fully expressed in your life."

A Sky Within software creates a fluid, easily read report that seamlessly ties together all the influences active within your chart (or any natal chart you enter). Steven's unique approach to a natal chart will charm, enlighten, and encourage the reader.

The Sky Within <em>Express</em>

When reading a personal Sky Within report, it is not unusual to discover talents or confirm characteristics that you may have felt present within you, but that may not yet be fully expressed in your life. These reports are often compared to a letter from a very close, very wise personal friend.

Steven Forrest is one of the best and most popular astrological writers of our time, but that is not why we asked him to work on this project. Steven is also one of the most intuitive astrological counselors we know. His sensitivity to how our personalities and potential are expressed in a natal chart, combined with a deep universal spirituality, is reflected in every report.

Each Sky Within report you create with this software covers the planets, your ascendant, as well as nodes by house and sign. It also looks at areas of heightened activity and includes planets conjunct or sharing a house with the sun, moon, or ascendant, and houses containing two or more planets.

All Matrix Express Personal Report Software work as stand-alone programs or in conjunction with your other Matrix report software or Win*Star. Express Personal report software can be accessed directly from Win*Star Express by clicking on the "Reports" button on the toolbar. Reports produced by this software can be read onscreen or printed.

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Win*Writer Professional Reports Win*Writer Express Personal Reports
Win*Writer Professional report software is designed for astrologers and entrepreneurs who want to sell the reports they create. Win*Writer Express Personal Programs are designed for students, amateur astrologers, non-astrologers—and others, who want to create useful astrological reports for themselves, their friends, and their families.
These programs offer user-defined settings that allow you to tailor reports according to your own personal taste and preference; batch processing is available, and special tools permit even further personalization of individual reports, for example, your own graphics, a personal logo, contact information and much more – the choice is yours! These reports give you the same precise astrological calculation and in-depth interpretation as is found in the Professional software; they do not, however, offer the user-defined options available in those more advanced report-writers.
Reports may be printed or saved for easy e-mailing. The reports you create with this quality software can be read onscreen or printed.
This software license includes the right to resell the reports you create. Express reports may not be sold.
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The Sky Within Express Natal professional report software.

Part of the WinWriter collection: Natal Report software The Sky Within.

The Sky Eithin create beautifully formatted reports, ready to deliver or e-mail to your customer or client!