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Degree [Astro*Index]

A 360th part of the circumference of a circle; also the angle subtended by such an arc. A degree is divided into 60 equal parts called minutes (of arc), a minute into 60 equal parts called seconds (of arc). Special symbols (°,',") are used to denote specific angles. For example, 15°27'38" refers to 15 degrees, 27 minutes, 38 seconds.

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Degree [DeVore]

One 360th part of the circumference of a circle. The rough measure of an angle of one degree is the apparent diameter of a dime held at arm's length from the eye. The apparent diameter of the Sun and Moon is about 0.5°. The longest dimension of the bowl of the Big Dipper is about 10°. A degree is divided into 60 equal parts called minutes of arc. The length of a degree of latitude on the Earth's surface increases from 68.71 miles at the equator to 69.41 miles at 90°. The length of a degree of longitude on the Earth's surface varies from 69.65 miles at the Equator to 53.43 at 40°. Degrees are equally applicable to the Zodiac or the Ecliptic. As a time unit it is applicable to the Equator thus:


Degrees of ArcHours and minutes of time
        360°            24 h.
          30°  (1 Sign)                2 h.
          15°              1 h.
            1°(60')              4 m.
            1'(60")              4 s.


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♦ Angular Conversion ♦ Sexagesimal
Degrees, Individual [DeVore]

Several works, symbolical, speculative and statistical, treat of influences presumed to repose in certain individual degrees. Maurice Wemyss in the four volumes of his "Wheel of Life" even introduces some hypothetical and as yet undiscovered planets to account for certain qualities and effects. It is probable that many of the qualities ascribed to individual degrees have to do with sensitive points created by Eclipses, major conjunctions, or a close conjunction in both longitude and latitude between a solar system body and a fixed star, which points are accented by the transit of another planet at a later date. For ready reference a list of such points is arranged in a zodiacal sequence, which includes: (1) the degrees created by important stars, nebulae and clusters; (2) the planets' Nodes; (3) the points of the planets' Exaltation and Fall; (4) the major planetary conjunctions from 1940 to 1946 inclusive; to which others can be added at will from the Ephemerides; (5) Solar Eclipses, from 1940 to 1946, inclusive; and (6) such other degrees which from experience appear to exert a decisive influence.


Individual Degree Tables

The stars listed in this table of Individual Degrees are located as of 1925. To adjust them to other dates add 5O 1/3" of longitude for each year later, or subtract for each year earlier.

The ancients ascribed names to the various stars, and many of these names are still in use. In 16O3 Bayer devised a more scientific system whereby the stars in a constellation are known by the name of the constellation to which they belong, the individual stars within the constellation known by Greek letter prefixes, according to size, beginning with the largest as Alpha, and continuing downward to Omega. The system is still in use, except for the telescopic stars, of which a million have been classified, and these are identified by a catalogue number.

The sequence of the data on the Fixed Stars, supplied in the following list, is as follows:
Longitude, Latitude (magnitude), popular name, astronomical designation, description (Nature according to Ptolemy — with additions by Alvidas — and others) and its astrological significance.

The interpretations given are mostly from ancient authorities, who apparently were inclined to place undue stress upon the direful.


Abbreviations: neb, nebulae; cl, cluster; v, variable.



A positive nature that creates its own destiny. Cusp of First Lunar Mansion, a so-called Critical Degree.
Degree of the Surgeon; an organizer.
1° 14'20° 48'S (2) Diphda, Ceti. A yellow star in the Whale's Tail. Sickness, misfortune, compulsory changes, self-destruction by brute force.
1° 50'Mars-Jupiter conj.: January 6, 1940.
Degree of abscesses; literary and poetic.
Birds and aviators; collisions; goitre.
Unsatisfied ambitions.
Degree of life and death
7°51'12° 36'N (3) Algenib. y Pegasi. A white star at the top of the wing of Pegasus. (S 0 ) Notoriety, violence, the pro- fessional beggar.
Degree of courage; immorality.
Triumph; great generals
10°Spiritual triumph; scientific interests; a degree of electricity.
11°Spiritual intuitions.
12°Cusp of Second Lunar Mansion.
13°Degree of the Physician; of food and drink.
13°24'25° 41'N (2) Alpheratz, alpha Andromeda. A double star, purple-hued white, in the hair of Andromeda; often called Andromeda's head. Its name, from Al Surrat d Faras, or The Horse's Navel, indicates it was formerly listed in the constellation Pegasus. (Jupiter, Venus, Mars) Riches, horrors, independence and a keen intellect.
14°Degree of apoplexy or suicide.
15°Persuasive oratory; public life.
18°Mental fertility and physical passionateness.
19°Exaltation of Sun: Fall of Saturn; a Fortunate Degree.
20°Abscesses; accidents; electricity.
20°50'20° 20'S (3½) Baten Kaitos, zeta Ceti, the Whale's Belly. A topaz-yellow star. ( Saturn ) Enforced migration, accidents; shipwreck, with rescue.
21°Hope; artistic.
24°Literature; travel.
25°Cusp of Third Lunar Mansion; exploration and discovery.
25°42'5° 22' N (4) Al Pharg,,q Piscium, associated with the Greck Head of Typhon. A double star near the tail of the Northern Fish. (Saturn, Jupiter) Determination, preparedness, and eventual success.
26° Degree of tuberculosis of the lungs; of opposition and strife; militant leaders. Great soldiers are found on this Aries- Libra axis.
26°15'Mars-Saturn conj.: February 11, 1940.
26°43'33° 21'N (Ncb.) Vertex, 31m Andromcdz, the great nebula N. of Andromeda's head. (Mars, Moon) Eye weakness or blindness, violent death.
27° Tenacity of purpose; hair; Mars in this degree indicates red hair.
28° Power to realize a lofty ideal.
29° A prophet of a new order.
29°17'25° 56'N (2) Mirach, beta Andromedae. A yellow star in the Zona (girdle) of Andromeda. (Venus, Mars, Moon) Beauty, love of home, brilliant mind, fortunate marriage, renowned for benevolence.



Powerful in combining old principles in new applications. Magic.
Degree of plot and strategy. Important degree in nativities of great military generals.
2°5'8° 29'N (3) Sharatan, beta Arietis. A pearly white star on the Ram's North Horn. (Mars, Saturn) Unscrupulous; defeat; destruction by war, fire or earthquake.
Exaltation of the Moon; a fortunate degree. One accustomed to the exercise of authority.
Founder of a sect; the seat of law.
Occultist, healer; hermit.
Degree of many enemies.
6°32'9° 58'N (2) Hamal. alpha Arictis. A yellow star in the Ram's forehead — the "following horn." (Mars, Saturn — Venus-Saturn) Cruelty; premeditated crime.
Determined and resourceful.
Cusp of Fourth Lunar Mansion. A critical degree.
9°6'Jupiter-Saturn conj.; February 15, 1941.
10° Architecture (10° - 12°).
11° Experimental scientist.
12° Air pressure and gravitation.
12°30'Jupiter-Saturn conj.: October 20, 1941.
13° Circulation of money: unfortunate for marriage.
13°7'27° 48'N (2) Almach, gamma Andromeda. An orange, emerald and blue binary or ternary star in left foot of Andromeda. (Venus) Eminence; artistic ability.
13°12'12°35'S (2V2) Menkar, alpha Ceti. An orange star in the Whale's jaw. (Saturn, Venus — Moon, Mars) Injury from wild beasts; loss of fortune.
14° First point of stabilization; a fortunate degree; religious nature.
14°27'Jupiter-Saturn conj.: August 8, 1940.
15° Growth; music.
16° Painting; influential in organizations.
17° Appendicitis.
17°14'Mercury North Node.
18° Leader of a party.
19° Self-made man.
19°8'Mars North Node.
20° Cusp of Fifth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree; oratorical.
21° Water travel.
22° Success at any cost.
22°18'Mars-Saturn conj.: February 22, 1942.
23° Patient in toil.
23°5'40° 22'N (cl) Capulus, 33 Uranus vi Persei. A double cluster in the sword-hand of Perseus. (Mars, Mercury) Defective eyesight.
24° Poet and recluse.
25° Autocratic and unscrupulous; death of partner; a bad reputation.
25°3'22° 25'N (v) Algol, beta Persei. A white binary and variable star, marking the Medusa's head held in the hand of Perseus. (Saturn) Said to be of a violent nature, the M.C. directed to this position arousing mob violence and murderous tendencies, which dispose toward a tragic end. It is reputed to be the most malefic of the stars. Conjunct the Sun, Moon or Jupiter it gives victory in war.
25°34'Jupiter-Uranus conj.: May 8, 1941.
26° Fortune by marriage.
26°38'Mars-Uranus conj.: March 1, 1942.
27° A fortunate degree; steadfast; fortune through employment.
28° Literature; powerful will, and organizing ability.
28°52'4° 2'N (3) Alcyone, eta Tauri. A greenish yellow star; the brightest of the Pleiades, representing one of the seven daughters of the nymph Pleione, by Atlas, who by Neptune became the mother of Hyreus. The names of the other six are Maia, Electra, Taygeta, Sterope (or Asterope), Celano, and the invisible, or "lost" one, Merope, who concealed herself from shame at having loved a mortal. That Alcyone was at one time presumed to be the center of the Milky Way Galaxy indicates that the ancients may have visualized Atlas as resting on this point while supporting the Earth on his shoulders. (Mars, Moon) Eminence; if conjoining Sun or Moon — accidents to face, or blindness from smallpox; a strong love nature.
29° Degree of fate; favored by fortune; a dramatic area; a famous actors' degree.
29°19'Saturn-Uranus conj.: May 3, 1942.



Degree of draftsmanship (also 1° and 2°).
An ambassadorial degree.
Exaltation of Moon's North Node: a point of spiritual illumination. Cusp of Sixth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.
Degree of aviation; of mental stability.
4°41'5° 44'S (4) First of the Hyades, gamma Tauri (Saturn, Mercury -- Mercury, Mars) Contradiction of fortunes; injuries to the head by instruments; impaired eyesight.
Degree of quiet fortunes.
5°8'Mars-Uranus conj.: January 16, 1944.
A degree of brilliant intellectuality; of expression in language.
Degree of cantankerous irritability.
Ascendant and Uranus in U.S. horoscope.
8°40'5° 28'S (i) Aldebaran, alpha Tauri. The Watcher of the East; the Bull's Eye. A red star, the brightest of the Hyades, a group of seven stars called "Weepers" because when they rise or set heliacally they were anciently supposed to bring rain. The Sun conjoins them during the latter days of May and the beginning of June. (Mars — Mercury, Mars, Jupiter) Said to have rulership over hands and fingers, and when afflicted to be conducive to pneumonia. In conjunction with Mars or Saturn, or either luminary, it was said by the older astrologers to presage a violent death. It is rendered increasingly malefic by the opposition of Antares in 8°39' Sagittarius.
Degree of homicide; elevation through partnership or marriage.
10° A Fortunate degree.
12° A degree of hope realized.
13° Degree of accidents to wheeled vehicles; of imitation and acting.
13° 43'Uranus North Node.
14° Degree of dumbness from impaired speech organs.
15° Inheritor of a home.
15°43'31° 8'S (i) Rigel, beta Orionis. Orion's left foot. (Jupiter, Mars) Preferment, riches, great and lasting horrors. If culminating: great military or ecclesiastical preferment.
16° Cusp of Seventh Lunar Mansion; a critical degree. A degree of sleep and trance.
16°11'Venus North Node.
16°20'Mars-Jupiter conj.: April 3, 1942.
16°53'Mars-Uranus conj.: August 17, 1945.
17° A degree of homicide.
19°50'16° 50' S (2) Bellatrix, gamma Orionis. (Mars, Mercury) Said to conter military and other honors that end in disaster. Conjoining Sun or Moon, blindness. If culminating: a forger or swindler.
19°54'Mars-Saturn conj.: March 7, 1944.
20°44'22° 55'N (i) Capella, alpha Aurigae; Hircus, the Goat. When culminating: said to confer martial or ecclesiastical honors and riches, attended by waste and dissipation. It is too far north to conjunct Sun or Moon, or to rise or set.
21°16'23° 37'S (2) Mintaka, delta Orionis. Slightly variable double star, brilliant white and pale violet, in Orion's belt. (Saturn, Mercury — Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter) Good fortune.
21°27'5° 23'N (2) El Nath, beta Tauri. (Mars) Eminence.
21°55'28° 42'S (Neb) Ensis, 42m Orionis. (Mars, Moon) Blindness or defective sight; illness; violent death.
22° Degree of Literature.
22°22'24° 32'S (2) Alnilam, epsilon Orionis. Bright white star in the center of Orion's belt. (Jupiter, Saturn — Mercury, Saturn) Confers fleeting public honors. The three stars in Orion's belt, when in the Midheaven of a nativity are said to confer signal honors.
23° Faith: a military degree; also affecting the spine.
23°40'2° 12' S (3) Al Hecka, zeta Tauri. (Mars — Mercury, Saturn) Violence, malevolence, accidents.
25° Degree of neurasthenia.
27°27'66° 5N (2) Polaris, alpha Ursae Minoris. A topaz-yellow and pale white double star, in the tail of the Little Bear, and marking the celestial pole. It is now 1°14' distant from North Pole, but in 2095 it will reach the nearest distance, 26'30". The pole has been successively marked by alpha Lyrae (Wega), c. 12,200 B.C.; tau Draconis, c. 4500 B.C.; and alpha Draconis, c. 2700 B.C. It Will be marked by gamma Cepheis, c. 4500 A.D., alpha Cephei, c. 7500 A.D.; delta Cygni, c. 11,300 A.D.; and again Wega, c. 13,500 A.D. (Saturn, Venus) Sickness and affliction; legacies attended by evil effects.
27°38'16° 2'S (i) Betelgeuze, alpha Orionis. Irregularly variable orange star in right shoulder of Orion. (Mars, Mercury — Mercury, Saturn, Jupiter) When in opposition, said to cause accidents; but in conjunction, to bring honors. A military star.
28° Degree of tuberculosis of lungs.
28°48'21 ° 30'N (2) Menkalinan, beta Aurig‘. Ruin, disgrace.
29° Degree of imitation and acting.



Cusp of Eighth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree; (1° - 3°) fortunate degrees; (1° - 2°) degrees of sight.
2°19'O° 54'S (3) Tejat, eta Geminorum. A binary and variable star. (Mercury, Venus) Pride, overconfidence, shamelessness, and violence.
A medical degree.
4°11'0° 50'S (3) Dirah, mu Geminorum. A yellow and blue double star. (Mercury, Venus) Energy, power, protection.
Degree of sleep and trance (5°- 6°)
7°59'6° 45'S (2) Alhena, gamma Geminorum. A brilliant white star; called the wound in the Achilles' heel. (Mercury, Venus — Moon, Venus) Eminence in art; accidents to the feet.
9°54'Jupiter North Node.
10° Historical degree.
11° Degree of retentive memory; of cancer and alcoholism.
12° Cusp of Ninth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree.
12°59'39° 39(S (i) Sirius, alpha Canis Majoris. A yellow star; known as Orion's big dog — the dog star. (Jupiter, Mars — Moon, Jupiter, Mars) Honor, renown; custodians, guardians, curators; high offices in the government. When rising, said to confer great dignity; often associated with dog bites.
13° Degree of business; also 12°, 14°, 15°, 16°.
14° A fortunate degree.
15° Exaltation of Jupiter. A suicide degree.
16° Degree of duty.
16°57'Solar Eclipse: July 10, 1945.
17°57'Mars-Saturn conj.: March 20, 1946.
17°24'0° 11'S (3) Wasat, delta Geminorum. A pale white and purple double star in the right arm of the Northern Twin. (Saturn) Malevolence, violence and destructiveness; associated with poisons and gases.
17°50°5° 45'N (4) Propus, tau Geminorum. (Mercury, Venus) Eminence, strength, success.
19°8'10° 5'N (2) Castor, alpha Geminorum. The mortal one of the heavenly twins; associated with Apollo. (Mercury - Mars, Venus, Saturn - Moon, Mars, Uranus) Violence; sudden fame; honors, followed by disgrace or imprisonment. Rising: weakness, sometimes blindness; injuries to face.
19°34'Pluto North Node.
20° Degree of limitation and hindrance.
20°46'Mars-Saturn conj.: January 20, 1946.
22°7'16° 0'S (i) Pollux, beta Geminorum. The immortal one of the twins, son of Jupiter and Leda; associated with Hercules. (Mars — Moon, Mars, Uranus) Connected with poisons; the art of self- defense; subtle, crafty, rash, cruel. If rising, eye weakness, sometimes blindness; injuries to face; wounds, imprisonment. If culminating, honor, preferment, followed by disgrace.
23° Degree of forethought.
23°11'Saturn's North Node.
24° Degree of music.
24°41'16° 0'S (1) Procyon, alpha Canis Minoris. (Mercury, Mars -- Moon, Jupiter, Uranus ) Sudden preferment, the result of individual exertion; yet eventually the activity it promotes brings sudden misfortune. Afflictions threaten trouble with and danger through liquids, water, gas, poisons, or dog bites. When rising, said to inspire admiration for the canine species.
24°47'Mars-Saturn conj.: October 20, 1945.
25° Cusp of Tenth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.
27° Degree of farming.
28° Fall of Mars. Has to do with the hair.
29° Degree of the avid collector.



Homicide, aviation accidents.
6°7'1° 33' N (cl) Presaepe, 44m Cancri. The manger of the Aselli: a nebulous cluster. (Mars, Moon) Adventure, wantonness, brutality; at other times fortunate, though liable to loss through others; industry, order and fecundity; large business. Rising, or conjunction an afflicted Moon: blindness, especially of left eye; ophthalmia; facial injuries; fevers, wounds. If Sun oppose Mars or Asc.: violent death. If culminating: disgrace, ruin, violent death.
6°25'3° 11'N (5) North Asellus, gamma Cancri. Identified with Balaam's ass. The Aselli represent the asses ridden by Bacchus and Vulcan in the war between the Gods and the Titans. (Mars, Sun — Sun sextile Mars) Patience, beneficence, courage; sometimes martial preferment; heroic and defiant leaders.
7°36'0°4'N (4) South Asellus, delta Cancri. (Mars, Sun) Fevers, quarrels, slander.
Cusp of Eleventh Lunar Mansion; a critical degree; Anaemia; hearing.
Bladder afflictions; alcoholism; Army and Navy.
9°31'Mars-Pluto conj.: May 12, 1946.
11°10'Neptune's North Node.
12° A degree of beauty.
12°31'5° 5'S (4) Acubens, alpha Cancri. (Saturn, Mercury) Activity, malevolence, prevarication.
13° Degree of literature.
15° First point of Affection: The Lion point.
17° Degree of aviation; of air and gas.
18° Medical ability (18° - 22°).
19° The back.
19°35'9° 43'N (3) Algenubi, Epsilon Leonis. (Saturn, Mars) Cold, heartless, bombastic, destructive; but with artistic perceptions and facility of expression.
20° Cusp of Twelfth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree. A degree of Faith. Degrees of homicide (20° - 24°).
21° Comedy.
22° Appendicitis.
23° The stage.
25° Alcoholic (25° - 26°); astrology (25° - 29°)
26° Mars-Jupiter conj.: July 5, 1944.
26°10'22° 23'S (2) Alphard, alpha Hydrae; often called the Heart of the Hydra. (Mercury, Venus — Sun sextile Jupiter) Wisdom, artistic appreciation; knowledge of human nature; yet immoral, uncontrolled, and subject to tragedy.
26° 27'11° 52' N (3) Adhafera, zeta Leonis. Associated with criminal tendencies, poisons, suicide. If rising: military preferment and riches.
26°47'4° 52' N (3) Al Jabhah, eta Leonis. Violent and intemperate nature; a military officer in danger of mutiny.
28°43'0° 28'N (i) Regulus, alpha Leonis. A triple star; called the Lion's Heart; one of the Royal stars of the Persians, as Watcher of the North, marking the Summer solstice about 3000 B.C. (Mars, Jupiter — Mars — Sun trine Uranus) Destructiveness; military honors, with ultimate failure; magnanimity, liberality, generosity; independent and high-spirited. If rising: honor and wealth, but subject to ill health. If culminating: high office under government; military success. If conj. Sun, Moon or Jupiter: honors and ample fortune.



Cusp of the Thirteenth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree; appendicitis.
Degree of dress (7° - 10°)
Mixing and blending.
Homicidal tendencies.
10° Purifying, cleansing, refining, and reducing to simplest essence. A degree of theology.
10°22'14° 2d N (2) Zosma, delta Leonis. (Saturn, Venus) Egotistical, immoral; fearful of poisoning.
11° An astrological degree.
12° Business (12° - 16°).
13° Stage; feet.
14° Degree of transformation and versatility (13° - 14°).
15° Exaltation of Mercury.
16° Cusp of Fourteenth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree, Christian ministers; a degree of symbolism.
17° Degree of gliding or flowing.
20°30'12° 16'N (2) Denebola, beta Leonis, the Lion's Tail. (Saturn, Venus — Mercury, Uranus, Mars) Said to bring honors and wealth, but leading eventually to disgrace; swift judgments; despair, regrets, misfortunes, through natural forces. If rising: good fortune, attended by dangers and anxieties, because of folly.
22° A military degree; said to rule appendicitis; hairdressers.
23°58'50° 55'N (Neb) Copula, 51m Canum Ven. (Moon, Venus) Blindness, defective vision, hindrances and disappointments.
24° Degree of painting (24° - 26°).
25° Cancer.
25°35'17° 34'S (4) Labrum, delta Crateris. Associated with the Holy Grail. (Venus, Mercury) Ideality, spiritual intelligence; salvation through fall from grace.
25°38'Mars-Neptune conj.: September 29, 1940.
26°2'0° 42'N (3«) Zavijava, beta Virginis. (Mercury, Mars) Combative, destructive, but beneficent; strength of character. Near to it was the Solar Eclipse of September 21, 1922, used by physicists in confirming the Einstein theory.
27° Diabetes.
27°48'63° 43' S (2½) Markeb, kappa Argus. (Saturn, Jupiter) Piety, educational work; voyages.
28° Solar Eclipse: August 21, 1941.
29°21'Mars-Neptune conj.: September 16, 1942.



Cusp of Fifteenth Lunar Mansion; a sensitive degree.
3°4'Mars-Neptune conj.: August 23, 1944.
3°43'1° 22'N (4) Zaniah, eta Virginia; a variable star. (Mercury, Venus) Congeniality, refinement, order; a lovable nature.
Degree of birds; aviation; goiter.
6°53'Mars-Neptune conj.: August 20, 1946.
Sudden death; animal life.
Solar Eclipse: October 1, 1940.
8°50'16° 13 N (3) Vindemiatrix, epsilon Virginis. So called because it anciently rose at vintage time. Saturn, Mercury) Falsity, sometimes dishonesty; loss of partner. If conj. Uranus: spinal trouble; heart trouble; seclusion.
Courage, triumph.
9°2'2° 48'N (3½) Caphir, gamma Virginis. (Mercury, Venus -- Venus, Mars) Refined and lovable character; prophetic instincts.
12° Cusp of Sixteenth Lunar Mansion; a sensitive degree.
12°20'12° 11' (3) Algorab, delta Corvi. (Mars, Saturn) Destructive, malevolent; a scavenger.
13° Food and drink.
15° Suicide, apoplexy.
16°32'49° 33'N (3) Seginus, gamma Bootis. (Mercury, Saturn) Subtle mind, but suffers through bad company.
17° Electrical (16° - 18°).
19° Fall of the Sun.
21° Exaltation of Saturn. The stage, comedy.
21°3'58° 55'S (v) Foramen, eta Argus. Surrounded by the "Key-hole" nebula. (Saturn, Jupiter) Piety; acquisitiveness; danger to eyes. If conj. Sun: shipwreck.
22° Artistic; hope.
22°43'2° 3'S (1) Spica, alpha Virginis. (Venus, Mars — Venus, Jupiter, Mercury) Said to be fixed and benefic; offering riches, renown, and a sweet disposition; the most fortunate of stars, when rising or on the Midheaven.
23° Degree of homosexuality.
23°7'30° 47'N (1) Arcturus, alpha Bootis; Arctophilax, the bear watcher. Brightest star in the northern hemisphere (v. Job 38:32). (Mars, Jupiter — Mercury conjunct Venus) Renown through self-determination; prosperity by navigation and voyages.
24° Musical.
25° Cusp of Seventeenth Lunar Mansion; a sensitive degree; literature.
26° Detectives.
27° Consumption.
28° Hospitality; hair.



Sensuous and passionate degree. 2° Plot.
2°2'48° 59'N (3) Princess, delta Bootis. (Mercury, Saturn) Profound and studious mind, adapted to research.
Fall of the Moon.
5°45'0° 28'N (4) Khambalia, lambda Virginis. (Mercury, Mars) Changeable, unreliable, argumentative.
Occultist and leader; that which is slippery but soothing.
Cusp of Eighteenth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree.
10° Neurasthenia
10°46'52° 52'S (i) Acrux, alpha Crucis. Brightest star in the Southern Cross. (U) Ceremonial, benevolent, mystic.
11°10'44° 20'N (2) Alphecca, alpha Coronae Bor. (Venus, Mercury — Mars, Mercury) Dignity; artistic sensibilities, inclined to poetry.
12° Business (12° - 16°).
13° Air pressure.
13°58'0° 20'N (3) South Scale, alpha Librae. (Jupiter, Mars — Mars, Venus, Saturn) Unforgiving, untruthful; ill-health.
15° The Center of Regeneration: the Eagle-point.
16° Growth; painting.
17° Music.
17°4'Mercury South Node.
18° Appendicitis.
18°15'8° 30'N (2½) North Scale, beta Librae. (Jupiter, Mars -- Mars, Venus, Saturn) Good fortune, high ambition.
19° The degree of avidity, an evil degree; the crucial point in the war between the Ego and the Supreme Will; animal life.
19°8'Mars' South Node.
20° Cusp of Nineteenth Lunar Mansion; a critical degree.
20°56'25° 25'N (2½) Unukalhai, alpha Serpentis. (Saturn, Mars -- Mars, Saturn opposite Venus) Immorality, accidents, danger of poison.
21° Bronchial tubes.
22°43'44° 9'S (1) Agena, beta Centauri. (Venus, Jupiter — Mars conjunct Mercury) Refinement, morality, good health; universally respected.
25° Dumbness; alcoholic.
27° Literature; memory.
28° Brewers.
28°28'42° 34'S (1) Bungula, alpha Centauri. Often called Proxima, because of its nearness to the Earth: 275,000 AU. (Venus, Jupiter) Friends; refinement; honor.



Degrees of draughtsmanship (0° - 3°).
1°11'17° 15'N (3) Yed Prior, delta Ophiuchi. (Saturn, Venus) Shameless immorality; revolutionary.
1°27'1° 58' S (2) Isidis, delta Scorpii (Mars, Saturn — Venus, Gemini, Moon) Sudden assaults; malevolence; immorality.
2°4'1°1' N (3) Graffias, beta Scorpii. (Mars, Saturn — Venus, Gemini, Moon, Saturn) Malicious, merciless; susceptible to contagious diseases.
Exaltation of Moon's South Node: Fall of Moon's North Node. Cusp of Twentieth Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.
Degree of expression in language.
Degree of the heart.
8°7'11°4'N (3) Han, t Ophiuchi. 9 ) Harbinger of trouble.
8°39'4° 34S (1) Antares, alpha Scorpii; Mars' deputy; the Scorpion's heart. The Watcher of the West. It shows a fluted spectrum in which the reds predominate. (Mars, Jupiuter) Malevolent, destructive; generous; subject to presentiments of impending tragedy; rash impulses; headstrong obstinacy, chiefly injuring themself. If rising or culminating: honor, preferment, good fortune.
10°50'75° 17'N (3) Rastaban, beta Draconis. (Mars, Saturn) Criminal tendencies; property losses; accidents.
12° Accidents to wheeled vehicles.
13° Degree of acting.
13°43'Uranus' South Node.
14° Degree of dumbness; indecision.
16° Cusp of Twenty-First Lunar Mansion: a critical degree.
16°11'Venus' North Node.
16°51'7° 11'N (2) Sabik, eta Ophiuchi. (Saturn, Venus — Jupiter, Venus) Wasteful, inefficient; bad morals, but successful evildoer.
17° Degree of matter in transition — heat, flame; homicidal.
18° Royalty.
20° Faith (20° - 23°).
21° Growth.
21°20'35° 51'N (2) Rasalhague, alpha Ophiuchi. (Saturn, Venus -- Jupiter, Mercury sextile Mars) Perverted and depraved tastes; misfortunes through women.
22° A military degree.
22°54'14°0'S (3) Lesath, gamma Scorpii. (Mercury, Mars) Associated with acids; danger, desperation; immorality.
23° Faith.
24°39'8° 50'C (cl) Aculeus, 6m Scorpii. (conjunct Moon) If conj. or opposition an afflicted luminary, or its afflicting planet: impaired eyesight, perhaps blindness.
25° Neuresthania.
27°35'11° 22' S (cl) Acumen, 7m Scorpii. Companion to Aculeus, and of same nature and influence.
28° Consumption.
28°38'13° 41'N (3) Sinistra, gamma Ophiuchi. 7 Slovenly, immoral.
29° Imitation; acting.
29°32'0° 1'N (CNC) Spiculum, 8, 20, 21m Sagittarii. (Mars, Moon) Mentioned by Ptolemy in connection with blindness.



The Galactic Center. The most important point in astrology. Cusp of the Twenty-Second Lunar Mansion. An ambitious degree.
2°6'2° 21'N (4) Polis, mu Sagittarii. (Jupiter, Saturn) Keen perception, domination; ambition, success; horsemanship.
Sleep and trance (4° - 5°)
Unusual ability.
7°12'0°43'C (cl) Facics, 22m Sagittarii. (Sun, Mars) Blindness or defective sight; illness; accidents.
Degree of history.
9°54'Jupiter's South Node.
10° Memory.
11° Religion.
11°16'3° 26'S (2) Pelagus, sigma Sagittarii. (Jupiter, Mercury -- Saturn, Mercury) Optimism; veracity; a religious tendency.
12° Cusp of the Twenty-Third Lunar Mansion.
12°31'7° 10'S (3) Ascella, zeta Sagittarii. (Jupiter, Mercury) Happiness, good fortune.
13°52'0° 52'N (4½) Manubrium, omicron Sagittarii. (Sun, Mars) Heroic, courageous, defiant; blindness from fire or explosion.
14° Suicide.
14°12'61° 44'N (1) Wega, alpha Lyrz, a pale sapphire star in the lower part of the Lyre. (Venus, Mercury — Jupiter trine Saturn in Part-of-Fortune) Beneficent, idealistic, hopeful, refined, changeable; grave, outwardly pretentious, but usually lascivious.
15° Fall of Jupiter. A degree of duty.
16° Degree of solid matter.
17° Intellectual and governmental.
18°41'36° 12'N (3) Deneb, zeta Aquilx. (Mars, Jupiter) Benevolent, liberal; ability to command; and a successful warrior.
19°34'Pluto's South Node.
21° A scholarly' degree.
23° Governmental authority; music.
23°11'Saturn's South Node.
24°43'5° 25'S (6) Terebellum, omega Sagittarii. (Venus, Saturn) Cunning, mercenary; a fortune, with a guilty conscience and unsavory reputation.
25° Cusp of the Twenty-Fourth Lunar Mansion.
26° Land and farming.
27° Hair.
28° Exaltation of Mars.
29° Degree of collecting.



Homicide (0° - 5°).
0°9'48° 59'N (3) Albirco, beta Cygni. (Venus, Mercury) Beauty; a lovable disposition; resigned to Fate.
0°39'29° 18'N (1) Altair, alpha Aquilm. (Mars, Jupiter — Uranus, Mercury sextile Sun) Bold, confident, unyielding, liberal, valiant; sudden, but ephemeral wealth; a position of command; danger from reptiles.
2°42'6° 58'N (4) Giedi, alpha Capricorni; a multiple star, yellow, ash, lilac. (Venus, Mars — Venus sextile Uranus — Venus, Mercury) Beneficences; sacrifices; brings strange events into one's life.
2°56'4° 36'N (3) Dabih, beta Capricorni. Suspicion and mistrust; success, but retirement under a cloud.
3°36'0° 54'N (5) Oculus, pi Capricorni. (Saturn, Venus) If conj. Mercury: a clever and penetrating mind.
4°3'1° 12'N (5) Bos, rho Capricorni. (Saturn, Venus) Similar to Oculus.
Solar Eclipse: January 26, 1944.
Cusp of Twenty-fifth Lunar Mansion.
Executive; presidential.
10° The principle of things.
11°10'Neptune's South Node.
11°37'2° 59'S (5) Armus, eta Capricorni. (Saturn, Jupiter) Contemptible, nagging, contentious, unstable.
12° If Mars afflicted here: assassination.
12°43'0° 36'S (5) Dorsum, theta Capricorni. Saturn, Jupiter) Bites from venomous creatures.
13° Degree of beauty; literature.
15°0'The Center of Humanity, the angel point. Solar eclipse, February 5, 1943.
17° State of air and gases.
18° Explosiveness.
19° The back.
19°5'4° 58'S (5) Castra, epsilon Capricorni. (Saturn, Jupiter) Bad reputation; uncontrollable temper.
20° Cusp of Twenty-Sixth Lunar Mansion; a degree of Faith.
20°40'2° 33'S (4) Nashira, gamma Capricorni. (Saturn, Jupiter) Danger from beasts; conflict with evil, but ultimate success.
22° Astrological area (22° - 28°).
22°17'8° 37'N (3) Sadalsund, beta Aquarii. (Saturn, Mercury -- Sun sextile Uranus) Trouble, disgrace.
22°25'2° 35' S (3) Deneb Algedi, delta Capricorni. (Saturn, Jupiter) Sorrow and joy, life and death, always hanging in the balance.
23° Benevolence.
25° Alcoholism.



2°14'10° 39'N (3) Sadalmelik, alpha Aquarii. (Saturn, Mercury) Persecution, sudden destruction; the death penalty, if afflicted.
2°44'21° 8'S (1) Fomalhaut, alpha Piscis Aust. The Watcher of the South v. Royal Stars. (Venus, Mercury — Jupiter square in Pisces — Sagittarius) Supposedly fortunate and powerful, yet a sublime malevolence that fluctuates between material and spiritual expression. If rising, according to Cardan: great learning, and an "immortal name."
Cusp of Twenty-Seventh Lunar Mansion.
4°14'59° 55'N (1) Deneb Adige, alpha Cygni. (Venus, Mercury) Facile and ingenious mind.
7°45'8° 11'S (3) Skat, delta Aquarii. (Saturn, Jupiter — Uranus, Venus sextile Mercury) Good fortune; lasting happiness.
14°10'59° 22' S (1) Achernar, alpha Eridani; called the Cherub and Sword. (Jupiter) Confers royal honors; success in public office.
15° Fall of Mercury.
16° Cusp of Twenty-Eighth Lunar Mansion.
22°22'19° 24'N (2) Markab, alpha Pegasi. (Mars, Mercury) Honors, but danger from fire, fever, cuts and blows.
27° Exaltation of Venus.
28°15'31° 8'N (2) Scheat, beta Pegasi. (Mars, Mercury) Extreme misfortune; suicide, drowning, perhaps murder.
29°9'6° 32'N (2) theta Piscium; tail of western fish. (Saturn, Mercury) A fatalistic influence.


For more complete data on the stars, refer to Vivian E. Robson's volume, "Fixed Stars in Astrology."

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Degree Length [Munkasey M.]

The relationship between degrees of terrestrial latitude and nautical miles is as follows: One degree of Latitude at: (Either North or South of the Equator) Zero Degrees: 60.00 Nm 111.12 Km 30 of 52.10 Nm 96.98 Km 60 of 30.13 Nm 55.80 Km 90 to 0.00 Nm 0.00 Km

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Degree Rising [DeVore]

The degree of the zodiacal Sign posited on the Ascendant (q.v.), or cusp of the First House at birth, and generally considered the most important in the Nativity. The rising degree is based upon the exact moment of birth, or of the event for which the Figure is cast, and the correct geographical latitude and longitude. Should either factor be unknown the Figure is usually cast for sunrise, which places the Sun's degree upon the horizon, resulting in what is termed a Solar Figure. As it is based only on the Earth's apparent motion around the Sun some authorities term it a Heliard Figure.

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Degree Signification [Astro*Index]

For centuries astrologers have assigned meaning to specific degrees of the zodiac. There is little agreement on a system. The Sabian Symbols are the best known.

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Degree Signification [Astro*Index]

Certain degrees of zodiac such as 22° Leo (own worst enemy) and 19° Scorpio (Serpentis) are used today by horary astrologers. The fiducial degree in tropical astrology (0° Aries) is accorded special significance. Degrees of exaltation are also recognized as signicant degrees: 19°Aries for the Sun, 3° Taurus for the Moon, 15° Cancer for Jupiter, 15° Virgo for Mercury, 28° Capricorn for Mars, and 27° Pisces for Venus. The positions of many fixed stars are treated as significant degrees. De Vore gives a long list and says that certain degrees have long been given specific meanings to account for qualities or effects not apparent in the symbolism of the horoscope. His list includes fixed stars and planetary nodes. He suggests that many of the significant degrees assumed their meaning by virtue of important eclipses, stelliums, or major conjunctions occurring at mundane cataclysm or upheaval. Al-Biruni writes that there is much controversy on the subject and little consistency in practice. Lilly proposes a list of degree significations for use in horary questions. He uses the categories mentioned by Al- Biruni and finds masculine and feminine degrees useful in horary questions concerning the birth of a child. He used "light, darke, smokie or voyd" degrees to describe complexion; degrees "deepe or pitted," entrenchment; "degrees lame or deficient" (azimene degrees) and degrees increasing fortune.

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