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Critical Days [Astro*Index]

A term used in decumbiture and event charts describing successive 45° aspects by the transiting Moon to its original position and indicating crisis points. Typically used in decumbiture and event charts.

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Critical Days [DeVore]

Those which coincide with the formation, by the Moon, directional or transitory, of each successive semi-square or 45° aspect, to its position at birth; or at the commencement of any illness, operation, or event under Horary consideration. By noting the positions of the Moon at successive crises, aspects thereto will indicate the prognosis. Favorable crises occur at the sextiles of the Moon to its radical place; but the ephemeral aspects it forms while in these positions determine the manner in which the crises will pass, and the eventual outcome.

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♦ Decumbiture
Critical Degrees [Astro*Index]

The cusps of the lunar houses or asterisms. Each mansion is 1/27th or 1/28th of a monthly lunar cycle. Planets at these cusps pass from one lunar house to another and represent a transition.

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Critical Degrees [DeVore]

v. Moon, Mansions of.

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