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7 articles for "Zodiacal"

Zodiacal [Astro*Index]

1) Pertaining to astrological or astronomical matters that have to do with the zodiac, the ecliptic, or ecliptical coordinates.

2) An adjectival form for the Latin phrase "in zodiaco." Often used in contradistinction to mundane ("in mundo") to refer to astrological factors that pertain to the signs rather than the houses.

3) In Ptolemy, a zodiacal aspect is opposed to a partile aspect, indicating that the aspect is based on the presence of the planets in certain signs rather than on a geometrical angular separation.

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Zodiacal Aspect [Astro*Index]

1) The angular separation between two bodies measured along the ecliptic in terms of celestial longitude. The aspect may be measured either geocentrically or heliocentrically, generally yielding different values. The difference or ratio of these two measurements may have a significance analogous to that of power factor and burn rate.

2) The aspect that planets have by virtue of their presence in signs having that aspect. Opposed to a partile aspect. This idea of signs themselves having the aspect is archaic and is found in Ptolemy (cf. Bouche-Leclerq). It survives to some extent in the notion of aspects out of sign.

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Zodiacal Latitude [Astro*Index]

An angle, measured perpendicular to the Ecliptic to a given body.

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Zodiacal Latitude [Munkasey M.]

An arc in degrees to a point or a body in spacemeasured along a longitude circle, North or South from the Ecliptic.

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Zodiacal Light [Astro*Index]

A faint glow seen on moonless nights in the east before sunrise, and in the west after sunset; it appears as a tapering cone, extending from the Horizon about 20° along the Ecliptic, and is caused by fine dust particles which lie in the interplanetary spaces between the Earth and Sun. Best seen at tropical latitudes on the Earth.

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Zodiacal Longitude [Astro*Index]

An angle measured along the Ecliptic, from a specified fiducial point. This is the principle measurement used in most branches of astrology.

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Zodiacal Longitude [Munkasey M.]

An arc measured in degrees along the Ecliptic,from the Aries point to a body's longitude circle.

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