Comparison Table between Sirius, Kepler, and Pegasus programs by Cosmic Patterns Software
Sirius Kepler Pegasus



Level Professional Advanced Beginner
Price $550 $300 $100
Wheel Styles 250 180 100
Customize Chart Wheel Yes Yes No
Art Wheels 20 20
Nakshatra Wheel Yes
Interactive cosmobiology dials Yes
Chart wheel aspect patterns Yes Yes
Progression Chart Yes Yes Yes
Return Chart 11 3 3
Relocated Chart Yes Yes Yes
Composite Chart 3 or more charts 2 charts 2 charts
Harmonic Chart Yes Yes
Midpoints Trees and Listings Yes Yes
Listing Yes Yes Yes
Forecast 12 12 3
AstroMaps & EclipseMaps 6 6
Synastry Yes Yes
Synastry Yes Yes
Synastry Yes Yes
Vedic Yes Yes
Ephemeris Yes Yes
Reports Output PDF, RTF, Text, HTM PDF, RTF, Text, HTM Text, HTM
BiWheels Yes Yes Yes
TriWheels Yes Yes
TriWheels Yes Yes
TriWheels Animation Yes Yes
QuadWheels Yes Yes
Two-Wheels Yes Yes
Three-Wheels Yes Yes
Fouro-Wheels Yes Yes
Compatibility Patterns Yes
BiWheel Animation & Adjust: Natal-Transit Yes
BiWheel & 2-Wheel Animation & Adjust: Natal-Progressed Yes
TriWheel & 3-Wheel Anim/Adjus (Natal-Prog-Tran) Yes
QuadWheel & 4-Wheel Anim/Adj (Natal-Prog/SolRet-Tran) Yes
Interpretations 16 10 4
AstroCalendar Yes Yes
Financial Analysis Toolbox Yes
Planet Mandalas Yes
Famous People Database Yes Yes
Add to Cart: Sirius   $550.00 Kepler   $300.00 Pegasus   $100.00