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Power Factor [Astri*Index]

1) A factor introduced by Robert de Luce which must multiply any aspect to determine the true value of some effect that is being prognosticated. This factor is found by calculating the difference between the arc of direction to a zodiacal aspect and the arc of direction to the corresponding mundane aspect. If these arcs are equal, then the power factor is set at 100%; if they differ by 30o or more, then it is set at 0%. In between, the factor is scaled proportionately, so that if they differ by 7.5o, the power factor is 75%. The term power factor derives from electrical engineering and measures the degree to which and electrical impulse and a current flow are in phase. When they are out of phase, there is greater internal resistance and energy loss, and less work accomplished. Astrologically, mundane arcs correspond to current flow, and zodiacal arcs to impulse, and the factor is an index of the individual's control over his environment. The power factor is based on the insight that for anything to become actualized, the inclinations or impulses to act in a certain way (as prognosticated by zodiacal aspects) must be matched with opportunities or temptations that enable the individual to realize them (as prognosticated by mundane arcs); reciprocally, opportunities or temptations are of ineffectual if the desire to take advantage of them is lacking. Consequently, in the case of benefic arcs a high power factor is to be preferred; in the case of malefic arcs, a low one.

2) Term used by Gary Duncan and Donald Bradley to signify the relative strength of a planet, calculated separately for its angularity and the aspects it forms.


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