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Vertical [DeVore]

Virtually synonymous with perpendicular, save that vertical applies more to abstract things and implies the general direction of the zenith, while perpendicular applies more to concrete things and implies a general downward direction toward Earth's center. Astronomically and astrologically it is employed with reference to the celestial circle, the circle in which one stands when facing south. (v. Celestial Sphere.)

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Vertical Arc [Astro*Index]

A method of direction developed by Charles Jayne. The midheaven is progressed by solar arc, reduced to a RAMC and used to derive the appropriate angles, using the natal latitude only. The position of the natal vertex is subtracted from the directed vertex, and this arc is added to the natal planetary positions, which are then aspected in the usual manner.

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Vertical Circle [Munkasey M.]

A great circle which is perpendicular to the Horizon and which also passes through the Zenith and the Nadir.

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