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Gravity [Astro*Index]

Not to be confused with gravitational 'force'.

Gravity is the resultant vectorial effect, at the Earth's surface, of the Earth's gravitational 'force' and the centrifugal force caused by the spin of the Earth at a given latitude. Thus, the gravitational effect is directed towards the center of the Earth, while the gravity vector (in general) does not pass through the center of the Earth. The local direction of gravity is measured by the plumb line, which determines the Zenith and Horizon.

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Gravity [Munkasey M.]

A natural outcome of the "shape" of space and time aroundany object which has mass. One of the four fundamental forces of the Universe discovered so far. The others are: Electro-Magnetic, Strong Nuclear, and Weak Nuclear.

Gravity is the force of attraction which exists between bodies which have mass. If the bodies exist and have mass then a gravitational attraction instantaneously exists between them. The magnitude of this attraction depends upon the mass of the bodies and the square of the distance between them.

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