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Total Eclipse [Munkasey M.]

An Eclipse where the Body's light is completelyblocked. In a Total Eclipse there is no "ring" seen. See also: "Annular Eclipse"


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Total Lunar Eclipse [Astro*Index]

A lunar eclipse. Occurs when the Moon passes into the umbra, the conical shadow of the Earth. When this happens, the Moon receives no light from the Sun, and is totally obscured.

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Total Solar Eclipse [Astro*Index]

An eclipse of the Sun. Occurs at New Moon, when the Earth passes into the Moon's umbra. As the Moon is much smaller than the Earth, a total eclipse happens for only a small portion of the Earth's surface. Therefore, as the Sun and Moon approach conjunction, the track of the eclipse passes across a narrow band of the Earth's hemisphere which faces the Sun. The duration of a total eclipse at a given location on the Earth is about seven minutes. Elapsed time from the Moon's first contact with the Sun's disk, until it clears it, can be as long as two hours.

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