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Annular Eclipse [Astro*Index]

From Latin, anulos, meaning ring.

Type of eclipse that occurs when the Moon is at its apogee; the Moon's disk is not wide enough to completely obscure the Sun. Thus the Sun appears as a ring of light.

See also:
♦ Apogee
Annular Eclipse [Munkasey M.]

That type of Solar Eclipse where a "ring" of the Sun can be seen around the Moon during the time of eclipse totality.

See also:
♦ Apogee
Annular Parallax [Astro*Index]

The change in perspective or parallax on a celestial object (star, etc.) made possible by the position of the Earth on either side of the Sun during the course of a year. The nearer the object, the greater the parallax. The nearest star, Proxima Centauri, has the largest known parallax (0".762).

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