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2 articles for "Platic"

Platic [DeVore]

v. Aspects.

See also: ♦ Aspects
Platic Aspect [Astro*Index]

[Gk. platikos, having to do with width or breadth].

Opposed to partile aspect. Usually used of an aspect which is within allowable orb but not exact. Sometimes used of an aspect barely within allowable orb. Geddings takes it to mean a weak aspect, or one which is "wide of" orb, although this is not consistent with the traditional usage. In Ptolemy, a platic aspect between planets is synonomous with a zodiacal aspect, here meaning one that is based on their presence in signs possessing that aspect, as opposed to an aspect defined geometrically by degrees. Albiruni makes a similar distinction.

See also: ♦ Moiety ♦ Partile Aspect ♦ Zodiacal Aspect


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