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Mystic Rectangle [Astro*Index]

A major chart configuration formed by a pair of oppositions connected to each other on their short arcs by sextiles and on their long arcs by trines Geometrically, it is two wedge configurations sharing a hypotenuse whose bases and sides are opposite each other.

The mystic rectangle is similar to the Grand Cross in that its center is also the center of the horoscope circle, its "limbs" extending symmetrically in four directions. Scope and breath are therefore two meanings associated with this pattern. Gettings observes that this formation does not necessarily have anything to do with mystic tendencies, and suggests its name may have come about because of its existence in Blavatsky's chart. Brau states that the mystic rectangle "combines the awareness of the opposition, the understanding of the trine, and the productivity of the sextile." Meyer has observed that individuals with this formation have "an incredible capacity for sustained productivity" as well as "synthetic and integrative ability." Michael Erlewine has noted a tendency in individuals with this pattern heliocentrically to "stay stuck" or resist digesting necessary information.


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