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Indian Calendar [Astro*Index]

In India, the Gregorian calendar has been used for official civil purposes.

The Islamic calendar is used by Moslems for religious purposes. In addition, about 30 different native calendars have been in use, principally for religious purposes. In 1952, a Calendar Reform Committee was appointed to study this calendar confusion, and to recommend a calendar for uniform use in the country. Following the recommendations of the Committee, a reformed Indian calendar was put in effect by the Government of India on Indian New Year Day, on AD1957 MAR 22. In this calendar, the year begins with 1 Chaitra on MAR 22 of a Gregorian common year, and on MAR 21 of a Gregorian leap year. Years are reckoned according to the native historical Saka era, and: AD1957 MAR 22 = 1879 Chaitra 1, Saka

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