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Harmonic [Munkasey M.]

(1) A mathematical multiple of a fundamental number, whichis usually an integer. Examples of harmonics of the number "four" include the numbers: 8, 12, 24, 36, etc., where 12 is the "third" harmonic, etc.

(2) The fundamental integer itself when it is used as the basis for aspects. For example: planetary opposition is related to the number "12", because an opposition occurs when planets are 180° (i.e., 360° divided by 2 = 180°) apart.

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Harmonic Analysis [Astro*Index]


An analytical tool used to analyze a stationary time-series in order to discover its intrinsic periodicities (which may have periods not all of which are multiples of a single fundamental period). Much used in Tide Prediction and Acoustics. Distinct from Fourier Analysis.

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Harmonic Chart [Astro*Index]

An astrological diagram consists of (n) segments of 360°/n superimposed on each other and presented on a wheel of (n) degrees. The popular 90 degree wheel is a 4th harmonic chart. The 45-degree wheel is an 8th harmonic chart. The 22½ degree wheel is a 16th harmonic chart.

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Harmonic Chart [Prima]

A chart produced by multiplying the positions of the planets in the natal chart by the selected harmonic number to derive their zodiacal positions in that harmonic. In the 4th harmonic, for example, a natal planet at 10° Taurus will be located at 10° Virgo (4x40°=160°). Thus conjunctions in harmonic charts reflect the presence (in the natal chart) of the aspects associated with those harmonics — squares for 4th and so on.

PRIMA's harmonic charts, in addition to showing the planets' zodiacal positions, also indicate the planets' corresponding "harmonic wheel" positions. Each harmonic wheel represents collectively that harmonic's divisions of the full zodiac circle (the 4th harmonic wheel, for example, represents four overlapping 90° segments), and planetary positions are in turn determined by where they fall on the given harmonic division.

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Harmonics [Prima]

A structural approach to astrology based on distance relationships within the chart, in particular on those fractional divisions of the zodiac represented by the various aspects. Each harmonic is related to the arc produced when 360° is divided into seg- ments by the harmonic number — the 4th harmonic thus relates to 90°, and so on.

The harmonic positions of the planets are calculated by multiplying the planets' natal positions by the harmonic number. The meaning associated with each harmonic could be derived from the aspect to which each harmonic is attached.

Harmonic analysis provides insight into a chart's internal structure, and its use of distance ratios can be applied to midpoint studies, for example, as well as Arabic parts and all options under Uranian Astrology.

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