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3 articles for "Dwadashamsa"

Dwa-da-shamsa [DeVore]

Subdivisions of Signs.

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Dwadashamsa [Astro*Index]

Called Dwad for short.
Hindu astrological term referring to a subdivision equal to 1/12th of a sign or 02°30'.

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Dwadashamsa Chart [Astro*Index]

(Hindu Astrology).

A secondary chart obtained by multiplying each planet's longitude in the original chart by 12 and reducing the result through by multiples of 360°.

For example, Mars at 5° Leo (125°): 125 x 12 = 1500°; 1500 ö 360 = 4 with a remainder of 60°00'; thus Mars in the secondary chart is placed at 0° Taurus.

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