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Cosmic [DeVore]

Something vast and systematic, imbued with a sense of magnitude and order.

Webster defines cosmical physics as astrophysics.

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Cosmic Conditioning [DeVore]

Ancient man was convinced that his destiny upon earth was ruled by the divine power that placed the stars in the heavens; that every created thing was a result of this influence; and that the Sun was the active principle of good, and the darkness of evil. The ancient concept was aptly expressed by Cowper, when he wrote:

God moves in a mysterious way,
His wonders to perform.

More recently, however, scientific research is beginning to reveal some of the ways in which Creation's miracles evolve. We know that only a small portion of the Sun's energy radiations are transformed into light and heat, and that other invisible hands supply to all living things the essence that imparts to the cells the ability to multiply by division, and that stimulates the endocrine glands to secrete into the blood stream the hormones to which our emotions react, and whereby each develops an individuality, in response to his own cosmic conditioning.

Thus one might say that God placed the Sun, the Moon, and the planets in the firmament, whereby every living thing would be made "after his own pattern," and thus be distinct and different: thereby introducing into life the difficulties of mutual understanding and self-control which if mastered will produce character, and if not mastered will destroy.

We must recognize that every planetary influence which results from radiation is a reflection from the Sun. It is not a reflection of the Sun, because each reflector has a different chemical constitution which absorbs certain frequencies, and thus imparts to each reflected ray a differently altered spectrum. The Moon and the planets in the signs must be recognized as variants of the Sun influence, all aspects as blending of these variants, and all House positions as our personal relation thereto.

Furthermore, we must eliminate any consideration of the Sun's energy radiations from our appraisal of the sign positions of the Sun, for the Sun is only the sign post whereby to determine the Earth's position in orbit, and conditions of gravitation and momentum inherent in each arc of the orbit.

Sir Isaac Newton insisted on the solidarity of the Solar System, a concept which contemporary physicists have finally confirmed, by likening it to an enlargement of the atom. The Sun is now generally recognized as a central controlling source of positive energy comparable to the proton of positive electricity in the atom, surrounded by planets moving in orbit, comparable to electrons of negative electricity, the number of which determine the nature of the clement of which the atom was formerly believed to be the smallest component. In this concept the Earth-dweller occupies a position in one electron, some ten miles below the surface of a gaseous ocean.

Because of their differing chemical constituents, each reflecting planet absorbs varying frequencies of the Sun's spectrum, and thus the Earth's magnetic field is charged with a constantly changing set of frequency characteristics. The supposition that reflected rays are so weak as to be ineffectual in comparison to the direct rays of the Sun fails in the presence of such evidence as the relative minuteness of the vitamines and hormones to which extreme potency is currently ascribed. One medical textwork on hormones goes so far as to state that if one drop of the hormone contained in a certain gland in the human body were placed in the waters of Lake Eric, the drinking of a glassful of that water would produce death.

It is not unreasonable to suppose that the first day's growth of a newly born infant, in accord with the law of adaptability to cosmic conditioning creates channels of receptivity that will circumscribe for life the individual's capacity for absorption of the several frequencies which comprise the spectrum of cosmic stimulations. This would rule out the prenatal, since prior to birth the blood is conditioned through the maternal receptivities; and an independent existence begins only when the individual is compelled to condition his own blood.

In the light of recent discoveries in Endocrinology it is a reasonable hypothesis that cosmic energy radiation governs the growth and functioning of the Endocrine glands, and the hormones these secrete into the blood stream are the stimulators of the emotions, or are translated by the mind in terms of emotions.

The energy radiations direct from the Sun are probably responsible for the growth and functioning of one portion of the pituitary gland. Whatever gland is stimulated by a planet which aspects the Sun, will be simultaneously incited at every Sunrise and with every transit, thus accounting for the strong influence upon the native's destiny of any planet or planets that are in close aspect to his Sun.

The food that enters the body through the stomach, and the oxygen that is extracted by the lungs, yields the material for making cells; but only the electricity absorbed by direct and reflected radiation from the Sun is able to impart to the cell the state of "livingness" that enables it to grow.

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Cosmic Cross [DeVore]

Two planets in opposition, each squared by a third planet, resulting in what is termed a T-square or T-cross. A fourth planet, opposing the third and squaring the first two, forms a Grand Cross. The T-square is a dynamic influence; the Grand Cross tends to diffusion.

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Cosmic Philosophy [DeVore]

or Cosmism.

A theory of cosmic evolution originated by John Fiske and advanced by him as an interpretation of Spenser.

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Cosmic Psychology [DeVore]

The science of diagnosis whereby the maladjustment of the individual to life can be treated by correctional thinking. It does not concern itself with prediction, fortune-telling, life readings, or any other form of appeal to curiosity, mystery or superstition. It deals with reactions developed in the individual by virtue of growth and development during his first day of life, through the law of adaptability to cosmic ray frequencies then present in the Earth's magnetic field; and with experiences resulting from environmental stimulation of a preconditioned pattern of emotional reactions.

The new school of Cosmic Psychologists eliminates from its practice everything that cannot be scientifically justified, applying what remains to an analysis of the psychological conditioning to which the native during his first day of life adjusted himself by the Law of Adaptability to Environment; and the repetition of this cycle on successive days with minor variations, which variations ultimately create new cycles. It discards the entire system of symbolic Rulerships and Dignities, as well as the Progressions; leaving only the Sun, Moon, planets, and the Ascendant and Midheaven, and their inter-relationships and modifications by virtue of Sign and House position and aspects; and the Transits. These embody the three recognized forces, Momentum, Gravitation and Radiation, that condition and stimulate bodily growth and functioning, and mental and spiritual perception. The individual psychological reaction pattern thus represents Effects diagnosed from an identifiable pattern of Causation. While the therapy administered by the medical practitioner or the endocrinologist is based on a diagnosis of Effects and seldom attempts to reason backward to Causes, the Cosmic psychologist diagnoses from Causes, and reasons forward to probable effects in an effort to administer preventative therapy.

Thus the Cosmic Psychologist does not treat the disease the patient has, but treats the patient that has the disease. He is not content to palliate, but seeks either to prevent or cure, on the premise that health is a product of right thinking, or as Emerson puts it "A sick man is a rascal being found out."

The Cosmic Psychologists adhere to a code of ethics modeled somewhat after that of Hippocrates, the most revered of physicians and the first Cosmic Psychologist: "I will not give 'readings', 'tell fortunes', or make predictions to satisfy the morbid cravings of the curious, nor will I seek to astound or mystify; but will give consultations only to those who have a problem regarding which they know they need help and seek it; and instead of prophesying a prognosis, I will endeavor to instill the right thinking that will contribute to avoiding or mitigating an unfavorable condition which I see in operation, interpreting such in terms of influences rather than of events, and at all times teaching a philosophy of Free Will and emotional self-control that is the antithesis of Fatalism and Predestination.

"I will not give counsel contrived to assist any person in working injury to or taking unfair advantage of another.

"I will never make an utterance or inference that will reflect in any degree upon any other practitioner; nor will I treat a client of another practitioner, except as called in consultation by such practitioner.

"I will never relax in my efforts to add to my knowledge of the science, to impart it to such as I deem worthy to follow in my footsteps, and to devote my efforts without stint toward the improving of human understandings and personal relationships, and in rendering service to humanity and society.

"And may the Creator who placed the planets in their orbits as His means of guiding the Destinies of men, preserve and sustain me in proportion to the fidelity with which I exemplify the laws I am ordained to teach."


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Cosmic Year [DeVore]

The Sun's revolution around the galactic center, which takes about 200,000,000 years.

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