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Benefic Aspect [Astro*Index]

Traditional term for the favorable trine and sextile aspects. Conjunctions, depending on the planets involved, may also be considered benefic. Opposite of malefic aspect.


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Benefic Aspect [DeVore]

Planetary relations, or familiarities, which permit the unobstructed release of cosmic energy, hence conducive to harmony. (v. Aspects: Benefic, Malefic.) B. Influences. Those produced by benefic planets and aspects, either in the Nativity or by transits. B. Planets. The so-called benefics: Venus and Jupiter, by some the Sun. (v. Planets.)


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Benefic Planet [Astro*Index]

Traditionally, Venus is the "lesser benefic" and Jupiter is the "greater benefic." The benefics are beneficial to a cause. In horary astrology, the part of fortune, the moon's north node, and certain fixed stars (notably Spica and Regulus) are treated as benefics.


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