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Antiscia [Astro*Index]

Also called solstice or mirror point.

A planet's antiscion is its reflection across the Cancer-Capricorn solstice axis. However far one planet is on one side of this axis, its antiscion is that far on the other side of the axis. The same signs are always paired with each other: Cancer/Gemini, Leo/Taurus, Virgo/Aries, Libra/Pisces, Scorpio/Aquarius, Sagittarius/Capricorn. Antiscia sign pairs have the same declination (daylight is equal when the Sun is positioned at antiscia degrees). Parallels of declination are a modern use of antiscia. Horary astrologers regularly employ antiscia, which they evaluate according to the strength and nature of the planet. William Lilly considered contacts with antiscia from benefics to be equal to sextiles and trines, and contact with malefics to be equal to squares and oppositions. Placidus made much use of antiscia (and their mundane counterparts) in his primary directions. In the quasi- Aristotelean scheme that he used, the four primary qualities are associated with each of the equinoctial and solsticial points: moisture with the summer solstice, heat with the spring equinox, dryness with the winter solstice, coldness with the autumn equinox. Each planet begins to influence the same qualities of the bodies on earth as it passes through each cardinal angle. The qualitative intension of this effect waxes until it reaches the point opposite, whereupon it wanes until it returns to its original position. Because hot and cold, wet and dry, are contraries, an increase in one member of the pair is tantamount to a decrease in the other. At the same time, the contrary members begin to be effective at opposite points of the zodiac. Thus, when two bodies are parallel, they are producing the same intension of the same quality, and this is the grounds for interpreting the aspect. Placidus believes that mundane parallels have much the same significance, although they refer to the relative qualitative intensions produced by two planets during the course of a single day.


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Antiscia (Or "Antiscion Point") [Munkasey M.]

That degree of zodiacal longitudewhich has the same declination value as another longitude degree being compared to. For example: 5 LEO 00 and 25 TAU 00 have the same declination values. Antiscia are calculated by algebraically subtracting one value from either 180 degrees or 360 degrees, and adjusting the value obtained by adding or subtracting 360 degrees if necessary.


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