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Tarot Software for Windows
Tarot Software
Tarot Sofrtware for Windows Tarot Software
for Windows
by Tarot expert Nancy Garen

If you have always been fascinated by the magic and the mystery of Tarot, you are going to love this program.

Our Professional Tarot software is the first program to truly capture the sense and feel of a "hands on" reading. Perhaps the most captivating aspect of Tarot is the reader's tools - the cards. This software includes ten of the decks most often chosen by professionals. The onscreen graphics are beautiful.

If you are experienced with Tarot, you will appreciate the realism of the software and the many features that allow you to explore the answers the cards hold for you.

The program is easy to use. A short tutorial included with the software will have you up and running in minutes. Interpretations were prepared by internationally recognized Tarot expert, and author of Tarot Made Easy, Nancy Garen.

List of Features:

  • Three ways to deal
  • 19 Spreads
  • 10 Decks
  • Astrological Keys
  • Questions & Categories
  • Onscreen reader
  • Print Report
  • 60 Table-Tops
  • Have you heard what others are saying about our Tarot program?

    "It's actually the BEST Tarot software I have sampled to date, and I have tried just about ALL of them. I mean, we are talking in the past week I have downloaded at least 20 various demos and most of them � no disrespect to the authors � were just terrible! I had about given up hope until I found your Tarot program. I did a sample report for a friend and she was amazed by the accuracy and the quality of the graphics."     � Terri, Arizona

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    Onscreen Interpretation

    Tutorial (6.5 Mb Flash Movie)  
    Sample Report 

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    Software for Windows XP and Vista.

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