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Personal Advance Natal Reading
Personal Advance Natal Reading You are unique
in this world
by Award-Wining Astrologer
Gloria Star

Who are you? How do you appear to others? How do you relate to both your feminine and masculine qualities? How do you use your intuitive skills?

Just for Women is a natal report that covers every facet of the modern feminine experience. Relationships, power issues, and embracing the divine self are also explored in this intriguing report.

Just for Women author Gloria Star is one of those rare and wonderfully unique individuals who can peel away a façade to expose the essence of an issue. She combines this powerful talent with uncanny sensitivity, making her one of the most sought after astrologers. Just for Women lets you tap into Gloria’s wealth of knowledge at will. Whether you seek clearer direction, emotional and spiritual support, or perhaps just a sense of confirmation – you'll find it all in this report.

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"Exploring the journey of the nature of woman through time, this report exposes and transcends power politics that have suppressed the female nature throughout history. Written with integrity, Just for Women reaches the true essence of the nature of woman, supporting her psychological, spiritual and emotional being. This is an A+ report."
— Jeanne, Tampa, FL

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