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Personal Astro-Sexual Reading
Astrology Personal Relationship Reading Don’t go to bed without it
by well-known journalist/astrologer
John Townley

Love and its erotic consummation is an all-consuming flame – and sex isn’t just skin deep, it permeates every cell in your body. You’re a sexual being to the core, not just when you’re in a lover’s arms but every moment of the day – when you look in the mirror, walk down the street, talk on the phone. Your sexuality started developing the day you were born and it’s with you always, everywhere, an adventure involving everything you do, every place you go, everyone you meet.

Astrology is the perfect sex tool, because the horoscope portrays it all, the whole you, top to bottom. When the average astrologer looks for erotic indicators in your chart, it’s usually to a few select places traditionally tied to sex: Mars, Venus, Scorpio, the eighth house. But when a specialist digs deeper, there’s arousal everywhere you look – each planet, sign, house, and aspect carries a uniquely sexual message about your inner erotic style and how to give it fuller sensual expression.

The Eros Report reveals it all: it’s your total sexual profile, how you engage love, lust and sensuality in every aspect of your life, from primal urges, through childhood play and adolescent struggles, blossoming in your continuing evolution as a fully-sexual adult. It explores the many levels where satisfying sex hides and can be called out for pleasure and fulfillment, first in yourself, again in your partner, and then where the sparks fly for the two of you.

For a generation of astrologers, the astro-sexual textbook has been astrologer John Townley’s whose beat as managing editor of Sexology Today was the combined world of sexual psychiatry and popular erotica, from pundits to porn stars. Here he’s condensed and updated those years of intimate experience into a personalized report on post-millennium sexuality that takes your sexual temperature and plugs into the pulse of your passion potential – then adds your partner’s particulars and how to mix and match for a gourmet experience. You’ll meet all the sides of your inner coin, from hot to cool, conservative to kinky, erotic and exotic, with intimate clues on how and where to bring out the best of yourself, and your lover, too.

The Eros Report reveals your sexual secrets. Don’t go to bed without it.

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