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Astrology Personal Forecast Reading
Astrology Personal Forecast Reading Forecasting when your love concerns and values will strongest
by internationally-known astrologer
Michael Erlewine

Love and Values Forecast

This forecast report combines the Sun, the Moon, and the Earth with one of the traditional planets, in this case, with the planet Venus, and examines their interplay. The resulting forecasts points out all of the major activity for the coming time period involving this planet. Let us take a moment to review some of the traditional meanings for Venus.

Venus is the planet of love and compassion, everything we care about and also how we go about caring. The planet Venus not only relates to questions of romance, but also to our values, including what we value – being connected to the value of “things” in our life; Venus is thus connected to money, wealth, and to all of our 'valuables' - whatever we value. Venus has to do not only with love and appreciation, but also with the appreciation and valuation of things in general, whether that be of gems, antiques, or just plain money.

At the same time, the higher sensitivities of Venus signify care and compassion, the more infinite side of our love. This forecast has to do with how Venus is configured in your natal chart for the immediate future.

We hope you enjoy it.

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