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Natal Report
Our individual spirituality
is something that no one
can teach us, and no one
can dictate.

It has nothing to do with religion or religious beliefs, though they certainly may be an important part of it for some of us. Our personal spirituality is the way in which we connect with our god, the universe, the guiding force that we feel deep inside. At times the noise of others' spiritual beliefs and dictates can be distracting, pulling us away from the force we innately feel. You may even have had or have times in your life when those around you, no matter how well intentioned, have lead you away from or even blocked your own path to the source of all that is good. A Spiritual Path report is written to help you identify your personal spirituality and the path you should naturally follow to achieve the balance and harmony that comes with true spiritual development and maturity. The report does not dictate, or judge, nor does it attempt to define rules or values that may not be yours. It simply opens a window on the spiritual nature you were born with, showing you its nature and direction.

Peace and tranquility are the rewards of true enlightenment, your personal Spiritual Path report may be another step along that path.

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