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Quick Answers
Answers using ancient and traditional astrological methods.

Quick Answers is an astrological oracle. It gives Yes or No answers to common questions as well as provides indicators of key influences that may have an effect on the question. Often these indicators are more informative than the simple Yes or No answer.

Quick Answers use techniques from traditional horary astrology. It doesn't attempt to use every horary technique or to duplicate the experience of consulting a horary astrologer: it is intended to give a quick look at major indicators.

The questions asked are for Yes or No answers so as to help orient the direction of the question toward a simplified answer that will promote understanding. A Yes or No answer is given followed by a key phase suggesting how a result might be reached. The answer will indicate what the initiative of the subject should be—whether the subject ought to act immediately or perhaps wait for further developments. Contributing factors in this decision might be the potential influence of other people or circumstances on the outcome.

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