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Simpaticos Report
WHAT is going on here?

If you have ever been or are in a relationship - especially one of any duration - you may have asked that question more than once.

A Simpáticos report gives you the answer(s).

In any relationship there is a third force at play—the relationship itself. At times it may seem that it, not the two of you, is in control. That can be good, such as those times when it gives you the power to do things and achieve goals that you may not be able to reach individually. It can be less than beneficial when it finds the two of you acting and reacting in a way that seems beyond your control.

Simpáticos lets you look directly at the relationship of two individuals—any kind of relationship, romantic, friendship, family, work. Look at current relationships, or potential relationships, to see what they may hold in store for you (both of you). You'll look inside to see the who, what, and why of it all. Revealing!—that's an understatement.

About Composite charts
There are two ways for astrologers to look at a relationship - traditional synastry (like our Friends & Lovers software) looks at two individual charts and how they interact - determining where there is compatibility, and where there is potential incompatibility. It's about each of you. The other astrological method for viewing a relationship is called a Composite Chart (as we use in a Simpáticos report). This combines two individual charts into a single, composite chart - the chart of the relationship itself. It works, and it is fascinating. The knowledge you gain can help you resolve issues that may weaken a relationship, and help you maximize any relationship so that it provides a mutually rewarding and fulfilling experience.

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