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Natal Report
It's like déjà vu all over again!

You have likely had such an experience, and also, perhaps, the experience of knowing something, that logically, you had no way of knowing: such knowledge often seems as if it does not quite belong to you, and yet at the same time you are more certain of it, perhaps, than anything else you have known. You may also display talents and skills for which you have had no training.
There is an explanation!

A growing number of astrologers have begun to look at our natal charts as they would an evolutionary organism: as a picture of an energy which is moving through time, growing and changing with each new natal experience. A few astrologers have developed what they believe to be a valid way of viewing the natal chart so that it displays the steps of this evolutionary process. This view of the birth chart helps to explain, for each individual, those experiences, feelings, knowledge, and skills which seem to be unexplainable, when only a traditional view is taken. Although everyone may not agree with this interpretation — YOU WILL KNOW if what you are being shown holds true for you.

A Past Lives personal report is a window letting you look backwards, across the spectrum of time, in order to view the foundation of who you are today. This is an interpretation of your karmic development, as viewed through your own personal natal chart. No, it will not tell you whether you were a Napoleon or a Josephine, exactly; it will, however, tell you the what, or substance, of who you have been, and how past experiences and events have helped to shape the —you— that exists today. These revelations may answer questions that have long troubled you, and perhaps help you unlock potential that, although you have felt it for some time, you have never realized in your present existence. Regardless of what you learn, it is an adventure you will enjoy and remember for a long time.

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