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The Matrix Oracle
System Requirements 

Now you can access the wisdom of the ages from your personal computer.

Just wait until you see Matrix Software's amazing new forecasting software, Oracle. This Windows— product is the bargain of the ages!

Astrology Astrology

The Astrology Oracle has to be one of the most popular stopovers on our Website. Derived from our famous "Astro*Talk" natal and "TransitWriter" transit programs, the text generated in these reports (based upon your birth information) could very easily make an astrology believer of you (if you're not already)!

You can opt to include the "astrological keys" with your report. These explain the planet/aspect combinations that account for individual text interpretations. This way you can begin to learn astrology, too!

Compatibility (Friends & Lovers) Top Compatibility (Friends & Lovers)

Compatibility reports have long been among the most popular astrology reports. Everyone seems curious as to who they're astrologically compatible with — either romantically or platonically. This little program uses two birth dates to produce a report combining planetary aspects from both persons' charts. You can choose between two text styles — friends or lovers — and you can toggle to include "astrological keys" which tell you the planet/aspect combinations correlating to the interpretive text you receive. This way you can learn astrology, too!

Runes Top Runes

The ancient technique of casting the Runes to generate a personal reading has gained in popularity in recent years. The Oracles Rune program offers 7 Rune spreads which can be applied to simple "Yes/No" questions or complex interpersonal relationships. You ask a question and choose an appropriate rune spread and the Oracle responds with a colorful rune casting. Each rune piece provides an interpretation which, when woven with the remaining rune meanings, forms the reading.

I-Ching Top I Ching

For over five thousand years, the Chinese I Ching, or Book of Changes, has survived as a divination system applicable to cultures the world around. This Oracle I Ching program uses the traditional hexagram technique where the "casting" of a moment equates to two trigrams which, combined, have an established interpretation, or meaning. Each hexagram contains an "Image" and "Judgment," unique to that hexagram. Hexagrams can be presented in seven color choices.

Numerology Top Numerology

With the Numerology program you get to choose from three report types based upon your name, a date, or a specific word:

The "Name" report offers Name Numbers, Name Compatibility, and the Inclusion Table. Each offers several type styles. The "Date" report has two report styles — the Life Path report, which generates a life path number and four phases, each of which contains Pinnacles and Challenges numbers for each period, and the Daily Influence, which generates a year, month, and day number for you (along with interpretations), based upon your birth date. With the "Word" report, type in any name or number — maybe a city name, pet's name, phone number, etc. — and the report displays an Expression (Self) number along with an Inclusion Table (with your "Have" and "Have Not" numbers) and interpretive text.

Tarot Top Tarot

Here's an oracle that creates far more than a Yes/No answer. A standard Tarot deck contains 22 court cards which can be read in your choice of 13 different "spreads" (methods of casting the cards). The cards are authentic versions and their interpretations are skillfully written by Tarot expert Stephanie Clement.

And you can even choose from 7 popular decks: Old (shown) Rider, Aquarian, Ukiyoe, Mother Peace, Morgan-Greer, and Native American.

Fortune Cookie! Top Fortune Cookie

The Oracle is certainly not all business. The fun Fortune Cookie reader is just like the real thing. Every time you click the cookie you get a new fortune!

Yes/No Oracle Top Yes/No Oracle

There are times when all that is needed is a simple answer to your question. The "Yes/No" Oracle does just that. Ask a question and receive a quick and simple answer of the "Yes/No" variety. (All answers do not consist only of the words "Yes" or "No" — they may say something like: "Yes, definitely!" or "It is not likely,") ; or you may be asked to "Rephrase the question," or "Ask again, later."

Word Oracle Top Word Oracle

Here's some more pure fun. The Word Oracle spouts off with some of the pithiest, funniest, and sagest quotes ever assembled anywhere! You type in a question (or not) and choose between Fortune/Advice, Philosophy/Wisdom, and Sarcasm/Humor (categories).

Electric Almanac Top Electric Almanac

The Electric Almanac is an electronic version of the traditional Farmer's Almanac. It will generate auspicious dates for various activities based on Moon sign and phase, and planetary on aspects. Use the Almanac to pick planting dates, making purchases, forming decisions in your personal relationships ... just about anything!

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