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KNOW Your Self     Natal Horoscope Software
KNOW Your Self

KNOW Your Self

Download only $49.95 $39.95

Note: Downloads are not available immediately.
They will be processed by the next business day.

Some Features:

  Your Chart  

  Chart Styles  

  Pop-up Interpretations  

  Personal Report  

  Print Styles  

  Sample Interpretation - PDF  

You can run this software
in English or Spanish.

Your natal chart is a picture of the universe at the moment you were born. Know Your Self software calculates the exact position of the planets at the instant of your birth, adjusts perspective for the location of your birth, then evaluates and weighs each astronomical and astrological factor to display your personal birth chart.

KNOW Your Self Your unique personal characteristics, natural talents, your emotions, and your hidden potential all reside within your personal natal chart. Properly interpreting an astrological chart used to be the realm of only experienced professional astrologers. All of that has changed.

KNOW Your Self software draws on more than 6,000 years of accumulated astrological knowledge and experience to interpret exactly what your chart means. KNOW Your Self software is the first quality astrology software built specifically for non-astrologers.

Anyone can use it. You don't need to know a thing about astrology. Enter the birth information as requested, click a button, and the software does the rest. Within seconds you have an accurate, professional-quality chart, and a full interpretation of that chart to read. You can choose to read your personal interpretation onscreen in a report format, scrolling through the different topics, or you can print it, with or without your chart. As you read you'll be nodding your head in agreement, but don't be surprised when you read things about yourself that you have perhaps felt, but never acknowledged. Confirming natural inclinations or talents you possess, but may not yet have activated, is one of the thrilling things about a real natal analysis.

KNOW Your Self reports are written clearly and succinctly. Reading them is enjoyable and revealing. After you've done your chart, do your friends, family, co-workers, even your boss. You'll be amazed at what you can learn about the people around you!

If you can type, even with one finger, you can create professional-quality birth charts and reports instantly. You don't need to know a thing about astrology. Just enter the birth information as requested. The built-in atlas automatically enters the longitude and latitude for the city you select. A simple mouse click and you have an accurate birth chart, and a detailed interpretation of that chart. The program automatically saves your chart so next time you just start typing the name and the program pulls up the birth data.

Choose from five unique astrological chart styles. Click on a planetary symbol in the chart and get an instant pop-up interpretation of what it means. Or go to the in-depth report for insights into any chart/personality you create. Reports are written by leading professional astrologers in a comfortable, easy style that makes them enjoyable and incredibly informative to read. You don't have to interpret the interpretations, they give you information you can use now.

Onscreen you can move interactively through the chart interpretation by simply selecting a category such as Personality, Emotions, Mind, Desires, Energy, Success, Limits, Originality, Imagination, Power, Reputation, or Appearance. Five print options let you select just what you want to print.

You can use KNOW Your Self with confidence because it is powered by precision calculating engines created by Matrix Software, the most respected name in astrology software for more than 32 years.

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