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KNOW Your Child     Specialty Natal Horoscope Software
KNOW Your Child

KNOW Your Child

Download only $49.95 $39.95

Note: Downloads are not available immediately.
They will be processed by the next business day.

Some Features:

  Your Chart

  Chart Styles

  Pop-up Interpretations

  Personal Report

  Print Styles

  Sample Interpretation - PDF

Newborns don't come with a manual, but KNOW Your Child software can give you something just as good, maybe better. An astrological birth chart is a snapshot of the universe at the instant of birth, with all the planetary influences clearly displayed.

KNOW Your Self Every chart is unique to each individual, like a fingerprint. Within that personal birth chart astrologers can identify personality traits and characteristics, natural potential, even possible challenges a child may face as they grow and develop.

KNOW Your Child is "smart" software that combines 6,000 years of astrological research and experience with cutting edge computer technology to create a comprehensive analysis and interpretation of the chart. The software is powered by Matrix Software's precision calculation engines, the same powerful tools used by professional astrologers in more than 150 countries. But, this software is designed for you, the non-astrologer.

The reports you create with this program are detailed and insightful, written in a clear, comfortable style that makes it easy to apply the information you are offered immediately. You can parent with the confidence that comes from really knowing who your child can be, and provide the environment, stimulation, and guidance that will help assure that small being can become a happy, fulfilled adult, and you a successful parent.

Though KNOW Your Child software was designed for use with newborns and young children, you can create reports for anyone of any age; insights offered are even valuable with teens, young adults, even grown ups. It's never too late to benefit.

KNOW Your Child software was created in collaboration with astrologer, teacher, and child counselor Kathie Garcia. Kathie's experience and expertise guided us in development of a program that produces a sensitive and encouraging birth chart analysis.

Learn how to challenge a child to bring out the positive potential in their personality, and at the same time teach them to know clearly when they cross the line into negatives that could cause much grief, and sorrow later, if not corrected now.

KNOW Your Child software produces accurate professional results, but it is designed to be used by non-astrologers. You don't need to know a thing about astrology to use this software and the reports it creates. KNOW Your Child software is not just easy to use, it's actually fun!

KNOW thru Astrology programs are powered by the same precision calculating engines that have made Matrix Software the most respected name in astrology software for more than 32 years.

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