The Karmic Past Life Report for

Michael J. Fox

June 9, 1961
12:15 AM, Standard time
Edmonton, Canada
Latitude 53 N 33  
Longitude 113 W 28 


Chapter 1:  Most Important Prior Life Experiences

In traditional astrology, the Twelfth House represents your self-undoing, hidden matters and the subconscious process. It is believed that we carry karmic memories in our subconscious, and that these subconscious memories can undermine our current life efforts.

When we remove the walls created by subconscious fears and guilt, we find that the path to personal transformation lies beyond.

If, in your chapter you find a number of descriptions of planets placed in your twelfth house, consider exploring your hidden self through past life regression.

12th house cusp in Capricorn

You are more conservative than meets the eye. You fear both having and not having financial security. You are most trustworthy with secrets and can work behind the scenes on a project.

Look for a significant prior lifetime where practicality and duty were of prime importance. Consider your current attitudes to restrictions and obligations. Possible prior areas of endeavor include being an industrialist, manufacturer, shop owner, city or town administrator, or in the army or militia.

Capricorn 12th House, Aquarius Rising

You have a great sense of contributing to the betterment of humankind. You are seen as being creative and an innovator. Over-reaction to the restrictions in your prior life could make you appear too avant-garde or rebellious to the outside world this time.

Jupiter in 12th House

In a prior life, you saw many injustices done to others which you felt powerless to combat, such as seeing the carpetbaggers exploit the southern U.S. after the Civil War. This time, in order to avoid personal discomfort you prefer to keep your idealism hidden, possibly hidden from yourself.

KARMIC LESSON:  Look inward to rediscover your forgotten ideals and learn to love yourself as much as you love humankind.

Saturn in 12th House

You chose a solitary prior life, as a hermit or in a cloistered environment, so you would not have to face the harsh realities of the outside world. In this life, you hide your feelings of inadequacy by avoiding solitude, putting on a smile to the public. Although you are outgoing and sociable, you may have difficulties dealing with authority figures.

KARMIC LESSON:  Once you overcome the fear of being alone, you may find that you actually enjoy your own company, especially when working on a specific goal or project.

Chapter 2:  Saturn (The Great Teacher)

The source of many of our self-imposed restrictions can be found in the placement of the planet Saturn. The location of Saturn in a horoscope represents the area of life where we have to learn the greatest lessons. It is through these lessons that we grow and improve.

Just like your least liked teacher in school, Saturn's lessons require hard work and self-discipline. And like the lessons from that teacher, Saturn's lessons are not easily forgotten. The lessons you learn help you to find order and security in your current life.

When a lesson from a prior life was not learned, you can experience inexplicable guilt or self-restriction. Exploration of the unlearned lessons of Saturn can free you to use all of your natural talents.

Saturn in 12th House

You have a serious interest in the psychology of people and can dedicate yourself to menial work or creative endeavors. You have a strong yearning for spiritual fulfillment and may find great solace in the service of humankind.

You may have spent a prior life in prison, a convent (monastery) or as a recluse. You may have been the victim of treachery of others, which forced you into hiding. If you were in a position of power, then karmic guilt can render you immobile when you have the opportunity to make advancement to a position resembling your previous one.

On the positive side, you are able to use your inner strength to learn your karmic lessons and develop your spiritual nature. You seek the company of others out of love of humanity, instead of the fear of loneliness.

On the negative side, you may fear success, recognition and public displays of emotion. Your body may express your prior life's fears in the form of allergies, immune system dysfunction or as phobias. The karmic issues must be resolved in order for you to experience health and success.


Saturn Conjunct Jupiter:

Your optimism is tempered with caution. In prior lifetimes, you have taken many responsibilities and duties without concern for personal reward. This lifetime offers you the opportunity to make the best career decisions and the determination to stay with that decision until success is achieved. Balance your hopefulness with practical reason and success will be yours.

Saturn Square Moon:

Emotional reserve was necessary for your survival in a prior lifetime. This time around you are still feeling that restraint. Sometimes, you find it difficult to express your emotions to others, causing you to feel very isolated and lonely. Learn to have faith in your own abilities and trust your intuition. Development of your personal philosophy will help to provide a sense of emotional security.

Saturn Square Venus:

A sense of duty was the reason for maintaining partnerships in prior lifetimes. This time, you find it difficult to accept the gift of love and consequently may feel very lonely. When you learn to appreciate your loved ones for whom they are, you will diminish feeling of isolation. Much of your stress in this life comes from relationships, either family or work, and you tend to direct that stress inward.

Chapter 3:  Jupiter (Your Karmic Gifts)

Personal karma is not necessarily negative. You bring to this life certain talents and interest which enable you to expand your horizons. Often overlooked for its karmic value, the placement of the planet Jupiter in your chart can tell you about your karmic gifts.

Jupiter describes spiritual rewards as well as the area of your current life where you may experience material gains.

The lesson of Jupiter is best described as the acceptance of the law of karma. The rewards you reap in this life time come from your prior life's good deeds, and your future benefits (this life or another) are the rewards of your present fair dealings and generosity.

Jupiter in Aquarius

You have an unusual set of moral values, unique to yourself but true for you, nevertheless.

You are tolerant to new ideas and may find comfort in Eastern philosophy or religion, astrology, or reincarnation. Your prior life as a social reformer or possibly a member of a religious order is reflected in your interest in humanitarian organizations.

Jupiter in 12th House

You prefer to remain anonymous in your charitable donations. In a prior life you learned the lessons of tolerance and compassion, and in this life find great pleasure in winning enemies over to your side. Volunteer work for hospitals or other institutions provides great spiritual satisfaction.

Jupiter Square Moon:

In a prior life you found emotional and physical security based on your unquestioning faith in a rigid religious doctrine and strong devotion to a parent. This time around, you may feel the need to develop your own unique philosophy or again you may be attracted to an authoritarian religion, a cult or a guru. Parents or the parental home may be a source of stress.

Jupiter Square Venus:

Idealistic romantic notions kept you from establishing partnerships in your prior lifetimes. The possibility of that perfect love was always in your dreams. The residue of your prior life's habits, if left unchecked, may keep you from establishing a meaningful relationship or from working to maintain what you already have.

Jupiter Square Neptune:

You had a great capacity for spiritual understanding in prior lifetimes, which you either denied or exploited. This karmic memory has left you confused about the real nature of empathy and compassion. This time, you are again blessed with psychic ability, empathy and the power of imagination. Learn to accept your abilities as gifts and take responsibility for the proper or improper use of your talents.

Chapter 4: Nodes of the Moon (Your Karmic Doorways)

The point on a horoscope chart called the North Node of the Moon is not actually a planet, but can be thought of as a doorway from your current life to your future. And, its opposite point (the South Node of the Moon) can be thought of as a doorway from your past life to your current one.

These two sensitive points can show you what goals you are concerned with in this life and what habits from prior lives are holding you back from reaching those goals.

North Node of the Moon in Virgo

Much confusion clouded your reasoning in prior lives. You relied upon others for direction and your superstitions held you prisoner.

Your judgment is still colored by emotion and you are easily swayed by another's tales of woe. You have a great intuitive ability, but your sensitivity to others' emotional states can trigger bouts of depression.

Since your emotions can adversely affect your health, you should take extra care with your diet and exercise regimen. Avoid alcohol and non-prescription drugs.

You have probably spent past lives as a poet, psychic, mystic or religious martyr.

In order to maintain the balance between your two karmic doorways, you need to learn to focus on and define your goals, while retaining a sense of compassion for others.

Chapter 5: Planets in Retrograde (Reversed Energies)

Planets in a horoscope chart which are marked as being in retrograde motion, hide or reverse the true energy of that planet.

From a perspective of past life experiences, this usually means that some experience in a prior lifetime was so negative that the individual refuses to use that planetary energy in any manner.

Jupiter Retrograde

You are concerned with growth and expansion, but find it difficult to achieve. Success or luck may elude you.

In a prior life, you may have refused to change with the times, holding on to outmoded ideas and ideals. In each life, you learn lessons and grow. Since you chose not to make changes in one life, it is necessary for you to go through the lessons of that life again.

Your lesson in this lifetime is to determine which opportunities offered to you will create the greatest amount of personal (inner) growth and expansion. When you make your changes, success will occur on the outside as well.

Saturn Retrograde

You have a great deal of inner reserve. You are very serious about completing everything you start, sometimes when better judgment would recommend abandoning a project. You have always appeared mature beyond your years.

In a prior life, you avoided or were unable to fulfill your responsibilities, thus leaving many things undone or partially complete.

Your lesson in this lifetime is complete your projects and live up to your responsibilities. You have a great deal of wisdom from prior life experiences which will help you to teach others the value of completion.

Neptune Retrograde

Sometimes you find it difficult to determine what is real and what is not. You have a vivid imagination and you find comfort in your daydreaming and fantasy. Although it may not be recognized as such, you have a psychic gift.

In a prior life, you may have used illusion and delusion to take undue advantage of others. You were attracted to things psychic and may have even represented yourself as a medium or even as a magician. In this lifetime, you are still drawn to psychic and occult matters.

Your lesson in this lifetime, is to develop your real spiritual side. You may decide to use your psychic gifts for personal gain. If you do so, use them honestly, avoiding deception of others at all costs.