Ry Redd's Cayce Past Life Report for

Michael J. Fox

June 9, 1961
12:15 AM
Edmonton, Canada


In the pages which follow, you will see descriptions of your character traits, relationship potentials and challenges, as well as career potentials, and even more.

All or most of these sometimes intimate descriptions will be linked in some way with your past lives and your experiences in the planetary realms between lifetimes (the interlife).

Yet, you may ask, how can this information best be used?

First, HELP YOURSELF. The enclosed uplifting commentary can only be truly beneficial if you see it as a means of self-help and self-transformation. So to get the maximum practical benefit out of each page of this report, focus on connecting what you read with what is going on in your life now.

Next, LOOK FOR PATTERNS. When you see repeated references -- for instance to similar careers, pursuits or vocations -- you should consider these references seriously. They demonstrate a positive karmic connection which you now have with these same career-related potentials from past life endeavors. So, because of prior life success, these areas of expression should be easier for you to find rewarding or to succeed in, as compared with in other areas.

Also, pay close attention to REMEDIAL MEASURES. For instance, you may be given an affirmation to use in meditation (or a prayer). Or you may be given a crystal/gemstone to wear. These means of balancing out challenging vibrations can indeed be very helpful, especially if used in a hopeful manner.

Finally, this report is a synthesis of past life and planetary interlife interpretations originally given clairvoyantly by Edgar Cayce, for individuals with your same planetary patterns at birth. So in applying this report to your personal life, you should RESPECT INNER GUIDANCE -- through dreams, meditation and past life regression for example -- as primary resources for this kind of information; and most important, RESPECT YOUR FREE WILL! You alone must choose and know what is really best for you.

Your birth chart interpretation is based on the positions of the planets at the time of your birth.

Astrologer Ry Redd calculated on computer the astrology charts for hundreds of people who received readings by Edgar Cayce which contained astrologically based information. By studying these astrology charts, Ry Redd determined what planetary influences were most likely responsible for the readings by Edgar Cayce. In many cases the astrological basis of the Cayce readings appears to be very straightforward. From this information Ry Redd was able to develop, in conjunction with the computer programmers at Cosmic Patterns Software, an analysis of your birth chart as Ry Redd believes that Edgar Cayce's psychic readings would have interpreted it. Ry Redd's research effort was exhaustive and was conducted over many years, some of which was spent at the Edgar Cayce library at the Association for Research and Enlightenment headquarters in Virginia Beach, Virginia.

Your Sun is sextile Uranus.

You have a great deal of originality, ingenuity, independence, and intuitive ability. Because of your exceptional intellectual and higher consciousness capabilities, to some people you seem inclined to be a dabbler into an extraordinarily wide variety of subjects, projects, and occupations (a Jack-of-all-trades, yet master of some). Your futuristic, scientific/technological as well as mystical, New Age interests are sometimes light years ahead of the mainstream. Your main motivation is likely to be helping others through your abiding interest in things psychological and astrological, especially in esoteric traditions.

Your afterlife experience in the Uranus dimension of awareness tends to make you an extremist. Feeling that anything worth doing is worth overdoing, you do not go at anything halfheartedly. Yet know that only in the Christ consciousness may extremes be brought together and made compatible with one another. Others may see you as taking rather circuitous routes to achieve your many pioneering goals, because you build your convictions gradually from careful evidence, although never losing sight of your goals.

Regardless of such outside skepticism as this, you have probably gained a lot in soul development in this experience. Just be sure to keep in mind a certain promise: if you turn within, through your prayer, meditation and dream life, you will know that your Redeemer lives. He is your Guide in correlating, centering, and coordinating your Uranian activities and interests.

Your most prominent past life was probably an Atlantean one, where you may well have been quite influential in unifying teachings for the moral, intellectual, and material uplift of others. In the present, you can best aid seekers -- whether beginners or advanced students, laymen, the great or the would-be great -- in knowing their true relationships to their souls, their God, and their overall purpose for being here, through the application of spiritual guidance and philosophy. You may be the greatest help to others by giving advice which aids them in their seeking for truth, without becoming dogmatic. Such an activity is likely to bring you the greatest blessings as well. [1210-1, 5145-1, 398-1, 2403-1, 2786-1]

Your Sun harmoniously aspects Mars.

You are easygoing in your temperament, but once aroused to anger you can rise as high as your quietness had formerly held you back. You also have considerable vitality which is well to be directed toward nature, especially through energetic, outdoor activities.

Farming and gardening are likely to be especially rewarding, as well as research along agricultural and horticultural lines. Providing food and shelter for individuals that have to do with their health, activity and energy are natural drives, particularly in things pertaining to daily life home conveniences.

It is likely that you lived in America during its early frontier days, when many of these talents were developed out of necessity. Also related to this prior lifetime is your powerful physical determination, especially in competition: you simply do not allow yourself to be defeated by others.

Colloquially expressed, you have "get up and go", or better, "true grit". You have a very distinct vim or vigor in your self-determination to follow the right course of action.

However, this may at times be expressed too aggressively, which may separate you at least intellectually, mentally or communicatively from many of your associates and relations. This is a feature of your personality this lifetime that can either be constructive or destructive. Hence be sure to avoid going too far with your very active, determined drive toward self-expression. [2322-2, 1226-1]

Your Moon is conjoined with Venus.

You are an artistic and romantic type of person, a natural quality you probably inherited from past lives where you were socially active and involved with the arts in some way.

Also, from one or more experiences between lives in the Venus dimension of love and beauty, you are physically attractive and have a pleasing personality .

Venus is the realm of afterlife awareness which is most similar to the earth, especially as regards material desires and emotions. Therefore with your Venusian background from past lives as well as between lives, you are likely to have an intense, earthy yet subconscious sensuality. (Incidentally, males with this pattern tend to select a mate especially for her sex appeal and physical beauty.)

Also, there may be times when your somewhat intense sexuality and desire nature need balance. This can be accomplished by applying your will to spiritualize your relationships through setting and consistently applying high moral standards and ideals.

For instance, you might pray (although in your own words), "I feel a close kinship with all living things, for their beauty is reflected in my own sensitive nature. Lord, may I be blessed with a loving disposition without falling prey to situations that demand nothing less than total personal involvement. Protect me from soliciting the attentions of others for selfish reasons. With Your love to guide me, Lord, I pray that I may learn how to express my feelings in appropriate ways."

Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Jupiter.

Upon reentering the earth plane to begin your present life, you chose a time when Jupiter was in a challenging pattern with respect to the Moon's orbit around the earth. This symbolized and helped bring into your awareness the need to overcome the more difficult side of your soul experience in the interlife dimension of Jupiter and in past lives when you were involved with "Jupiterian" individuals.

For instance, you may attract to you souls who treat you like you treated them in previous lifetimes. These people (who are likely to be in prominent positions today, just as they were in the deep past) mirror your personal yet cosmic history by presenting to you opportunities to meet yourself as you were then. The influences of Jupiter open up opportunities for you to choose to pursue activities dealing with groups and the public.

Yet using YOUR thoughts and actions as examples for others, you may be guided in the way and manner as to sway the emotions and thoughts of the many. Especially will this be so if presented as an expression of Christ's love, of His activity. For the time is fulfilled when many must and will become as channels, as emissaries, for the teachings which are the foundation of Him who gave those promises to all people, "Love me; keep my commandments."

As an example of a more challenging karmic pattern, overborrowing and extravagance concerning otherwise ample financial resources could bring you losses, as could placing your faith in the wrong people or wrong causes. Here, setting the highest ideals you know can be invaluable. All you need do is use your free will to apply these ideals with modesty and humility.

While likely to be friendly and indulgent rather than antagonistic toward others, you may still have tendencies toward procrastination -- and even laziness at times -- which may well be valuable balances against stress and tension.

Also, be cautious about self-indulgence in eating and drinking, as this may bring you difficulties with your liver. [1156-1]

Your Moon is in an inharmonious pattern with Saturn.

The Moon reflects your subconscious urges and emotions from past lives. Your soul journey in the Saturn dimension between lives probably involved a very profound change which involved a basic reprogramming of your emotional drives. One result of this experience is that you may be challenging yourself this lifetime with opportunities to meet and successfully grow through troublesome conditions between groups, as well as political and foreign affairs. However, when you meet these situations in your quiet manner, you will probably turn them to your advantage, especially as regards your financial affairs.

It may also be said that as a mediator you are able to build upon the failures of others where there is the expression of doubt or fear on their part. In other words, where others have failed in communicating or making the right connection with each other, owing to some cross or error over which there has been dissension or discussion, you can take this challenge and build upon it. This may often bring into your experience very satisfying conditions. Yet you may constantly be changing in your relationship to groups, sometimes becoming very close, and at other times much further apart.

Do try to refrain from making or drawing comparisons between you and others, thereby belittling yourself. Your inclination to do this will not become a stumbling stone if you hold to the ideal that he who would be the greatest among his associates will be the servant of all, a helpful force in his experience in every way. Moreover, it is better to be "had" by all than ever taking advantage of any.

Therefore, in your prayer and meditation periods, seek help from the Creative Forces for guidance as to how you may better express your feelings. You might pray for forgiveness to come to those who have inhibited you in the past. By so doing, you may free yourself to be more affectionate, expressive and less inhibited in your own feelings in the present. You will then love more freely, feel more joy in living and be more free to give to others! [165-2, 329-1, 994-1, 1792-2]

Your Mercury harmoniously aspects Neptune.

There is likely to be a close synchronization of innate mental urges from your afterlife experiences in the heavenly realms of Neptune and Mercury, with emotional promptings from past lives as the musician and mystic. The result is as fortunate as it is intense: you are so especially gifted in these directions as to have true potentials for creative, inspirational genius. You have very special gifts in the form of abilities in devotional, inspirational music and poetry on one hand and on the other, spiritual channeling through your dreams and visions. While training often diminishes such natural gifts, your attunement to music and color is so fine that with training, you can reach the level of a supersensitive in the inner, mystic forces.

Water, the material emblem of the spirit, is Neptune's element. You should live near water, whether it be a river, lake or ocean. This will increase the influence of mystical activities and spiritual channeling, for instance through dreams and meditation, which are your natural abilities. You also have urges toward mysterious things such as collecting unusual items that to you may have protective powers, or serve as good luck charms. These should not be considered taboo. Just be sure to spiritualize them rather than visualize material or financial results coming from them.

You love mystery, though with a tendency toward idealizing people and situations. However, your experience of hero worship may not only be in the ordinary sense, but also as decided likes and dislikes linked with characters in film and literature, for instance.

These blessed potentials make it all the more necessary for you always to keep spiritual purposes before you. Not just being honest so that others will speak well of you, but being CLEAN in your thoughts and actions. Nor should such a purity of purpose be pursued for a reward in heaven or earth. Instead, it creates the vital mind-body balance necessary for harmonious mental-spiritual experiences against the challenging mundane environment of the often harsh material plane. [305-3, 963-1, 2799-1]

Your Venus is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune.

At the time of your re-entry into the earth plane your soul flight paths from Venus and Neptune were squared off or opposed in the zodiac. Your choice to be born when these two planet- flight paths were at odds with each other resulted in a call-up from your soul's past life records which reveal a love liability in your cosmic account.

This same challenging choice of re-entry from Venus, realm of love and beauty, and Neptune, realm of spirituality and mysticism, is made by many sincere seekers who are earnest students on the spiritual path. It points out this lifetime as an especially important one, for you are directly faced, among other things, with the necessity to spiritualize the disappointments you have experienced through your great need for love.

That is, your deep desire for affection -- and resulting heartaches from feeling the lack of it -- all must be given up and instead has to be universalized into BEING, manifesting Love and Compassion.

This is not to say that you should be impractical in being too empathetic and allow yourself to be deceived (or to deceive or delude yourself), for instance, by giving too much to the wrong -- especially spiritual or moral -- cause or marrying the wrong person whom you have emotionally over-idealized. Let your prayer or song be, "Lord, let me learn to BE the love I've been dreaming of, learn to BE the love I need."

The other area of your unclear vision and lack of good judgment at times might manifest in a kind of "mystical moodiness" as far as inner guidance is concerned (this applies particularly to dreams and meditation experiences). That is, you may be moved by an impulse thought to be from without -- from higher, spiritual sources -- when it is really within your own head. Or, conversely, you may often be prompted to act or fail to act on what you think is only a feeling from within when it is really from without.

There are indicators that an excellent outlet for you would be in counseling others who are emotionally or spiritually needy, either directly (one-on-one or by leading small groups) or through writing, or both. The main requirement is for you to CHOOSE. First, through analyzing yourself in such a way as to know what is your ideal relationship to God. Second, what is your ideal attitude and corresponding life work activity that can fulfill that purpose, that ideal.

Finally, what is the ideal yet practical manner of expressing these purposes in relationship to those you deal with on a day-to-day basis. Then, whether it be in fact or fiction, in a private journal or widely read book or column, WRITE about what you have come up with! There are many, many souls who would benefit, as long as you really have something constructive and helpful to say as part of a specific purpose and lesson to be learned. [1962-1]

Your Venus is in an inharmonious pattern with Saturn.

You have chosen, through this aspect, perhaps your greatest challenge for achieving either great healing or great hurt!

By choosing a time of birth when these two planets were in an inharmonious pattern with each other in the zodiac, you brought with you into this experience the challenging sides of your betweenlife experiences in Venus, realm of creativity, beauty and love, and Saturn, the dimension of deep change, self-purging and remolding. Because your soul flight paths from Venus and Saturn were thus at odds with each other, as a soul re-entering the earth plane, you read from and have since acted upon the debit side of your spiritual record.

In other words, you are inclined to attract associations from previous lives which are the karmic source of relationship challenges you face this lifetime as well as difficulties in loving and appreciating yourself. These past disappointments in love and disillusionment with marriage are being brought back to you for a proper hearing and, hopefully, a permanent healing.

Since self-healing must be preceded by self-knowledge, recognize your tendency toward separateness and self-centeredness, both of which hurt those you love and those who would love you, were you to let them. As you get older, loneliness and related personal limitations may set in, including problems with finances (Venus rules both love and money). Ironically, in spite of your apparent self-sufficiency, you must face and overcome the difficulty of standing up alone in the world, of being truly independent emotionally.

Your soul journeys in the spheres of Venus and Saturn between death and rebirth inclines you to hold yourself aloof from other people, their thoughts and their opinions, because what suits you is usually quite self-sufficient. What relationships you have tend to be rather intense, unless you balance yourself through spiritualizing your emotions.

You are doubtful at times of the sincerity of others who try to proclaim their affections for you or who try to get close to you. At other times, this intensity may manifest as jealousy when there is reason to suspect infidelity. Remember that, while all love is lawful, not all expressions of love are expedient (for example, tolerating or encouraging adultery are not supportive of soul growth, regardless of who is the "adulterer" and who the "adulteree").

While at times you have rather striking tendencies toward extravagance, few souls are better bargain hunters! Such parsimonious behavior can be excessive, whether in companionship, in business or in any activity.

All these qualities open up a distinct opportunity for sharing the many talents with which you are endowed, to be applied as you see fit. You can accomplish a great deal through the candid yet right use of words, preferably accompanied with music -- whether in writing, teaching, counseling, lecturing or singing -- providing what you say is uplifting and not just what people want to hear. As a private pursuit and attunement aid giving expression to the beautiful emotions, playing music would be good for you, too. Especially valuable would be any stringed-type instruments such as the piano, harpsichord, harp, mandolin, guitar or violin.

You are also probably good in accounting, accumulating facts and figures, whether in finances or in creative fancy. You would do well in commercial art and advertising, ornamental and industrial arts, computer or video graphics, designing logos and the like. Furthermore, whatever the career you build, work WITH a companion rather than just BEING a companion.

Whether through words, music or art, you will find your greatest soul development in leading others into the spiritual insight or recognition of their true self worth. To express love in your actions to others -- whether individuals, one on one, or in small groups -- is the greater service a soul can give in this earthly experience. You can best show them the way to the greater Light through your own personal example -- through love. This you can do by FORCING your will to an inner understanding both of your own worth and of the higher spiritual forces being exercised on your behalf in the present.

Such growth is not likely to be easy, for your behavior is not always consistent. For instance, especially when you are alone, not working, or otherwise inactive, you may get discouraged and in such "down" periods condemn yourself. At the same time, you may tend to JUSTIFY your manner of thinking because of what others have done or have failed to do. Remember that condemning yourself is as erroneous as condemning others. The greater need is to exert your will in favor of your urges for the beautiful and your ability to see the best in everyone.

Put into your own words, let your prayer or affirmation be something like, "I will be protected from loneliness. I will be shown through my dreams and other ways how to devote more of myself to others, so that I may establish closer personal bonds. In dedicating myself to service for others, I will bear this commitment for the sake of learning how to genuinely care for others and will be taught how to give and share joyfully with my loved ones." [2725-1, 1204-3, 2497-1, 1632-3]

Your Venus forms a square pattern with Jupiter.

Your between-life experience in the Jupiter sphere brings you a widening, broadening group-oriented influence, so that traveling long distances, dealing with a large number of individuals, meeting people from abroad and mastering subjects from ancient times are all likely to come naturally to you. Your past lives probably had in common appearances during periods when far-reaching changes were coming about in the economic world, as well as in the intellectual, cultural and religious thought of the planet's inhabitants. At least one prominent experience in the Holy Land is likely to have been your lot, and souls you contacted then will be attracted to you again for your counsel and spiritual upliftment, as will financial prosperity.

While you are still likely to be a light to many, have a broad mind and are adaptable to most circumstances and relations, there is the need to avoid over expanding and over indulging, especially emotional self-indulgence. Where food and drink are concerned, this inclination toward excess can result in health problems, especially with your liver, intestines and gall bladder.

This tendency toward self-indulgence probably arises from having had a greater number of past lives in the earth than the average individual. With the earth plane being uniquely an emotional, physical experience (experiences in the other planetary environments being non-physical, non-emotional and purely mental), having had may prior incarnations inclines you to emotional overdoing and extravagance.

However, your interest in the beautiful things in this material world should be balanced with a constant reminder of their source in the creative forces of nature and the spirit. Also, your frequent appearances in this plane, together with your Venus-Jupiter experiences, tend you toward restlessness, overconfidence and taking chances before you have had time to process the past. Remind yourself at such times of the value of inner peace, of harmony and of the Source of all good and perfect gifts.

In all you do, see, feel, understand that all things which are beautiful in love, friendship, hope, grace and patience give the greater, truer concept of the relationship your physical and mental experiences bear to the Whole, or God. Therefore only look at past challenges and disturbances as steppingstones rather than stumbling blocks. Know that each of these difficulties have been to enrich your understanding so that you can create and share with others more of the love and beauty manifested in the TRUTH.

Yet always try to bear in mind the universal law of "give and take" (otherwise known as the principle that you can't have your cake and eat it too). That is, if you are to have friends and be loved, you must be friendly and loving. If you are to experience the advantages of prosperity, social and economic success, you have to show your understanding of this law.

Your greater work this lifetime will then be in encouraging the weak and fainthearted, in giving courage and strength to those who have fallen off course and by making others aware of the Christ's presence in them. By doing this, you may well finish your soul purpose this incarnation so that you will not need to return to the earth again. [1346-1, 951-4]

Your Mars is conjoined with Uranus.

While urges arise from soul sojourns through astrological aspects, they do not force you to act in any specific way. Rather than a forced reaction to urges, your experiences in the planetary heavens are for higher training purposes (similarly, earth incarnations are forms of emotional practice). Your sojourn in the psychic, extreme dimension of Uranus followed by a visit in the energetic, warring realm of Mars makes you almost 100% Uranian in your inner urges. One consequence of being nearly full Uranian is that you are probably equally an Atlantean, with many contradictory emotions and activities likely to be manifested in this lifetime.

Extremes of moods may cause you to be very active, headstrong and over-enthusiastic at one time, with a great deal of will-power, courage and determination concerning a specific association or activity. Yet at other times you may care little and pay no attention to it. At the same time you are naturally intuitive and psychic, knowing many things without knowing how you obtained the information. Some times you may find yourself very lucky, with everything going your way, and at other times nothing seems to go your way: during such periods for instance, you may find it virtually impossible to win through any game of chance. It would be wise for you to stay away from gambling in any form, whether in card games, sports or races and avoid any kind of speculative investments such as stocks.

Also, firearms, speeding automobiles and body-contact sports should be avoided or dealt with using extreme caution, as there is a likelihood of serious injury to your head. Your tendency toward violent outbreaks of temper makes caution here absolutely necessary. Nervous system strain is another condition to be warned of, as your great courage during dangerous moments may outlast your patience and natural resistance to stress.

With the application of your will to meet these tests -- and you are indeed capable of meeting them as part of your soul's training -- you may well find yourself affable, respected and helpful through them. In fact, your great vitality, energy and intuition can be turned into potentially remarkable healing instruments if you make up your mind to devote them to service on behalf of others.

A prayer or affirmation to help you with the above-mentioned challenges might go something like, "When things become difficult, Lord, let me not forget you. Make me see that constructive changes can never occur through impetuous action, but only through proper planning. Teach me to exercise control, so that I may bring equanimity and orderliness into all my daily affairs. But if an emergency should arise, I pray that You will help me find vast reserves of strength to assist those in need. Lord, show me how to put my relentless energy to good use." [1885-2, 1334-1, 406-1]

Your Jupiter is in an inharmonious pattern with Neptune.

Your experience in the Neptune and Jupiter dimensions between lives carries over into your present life an interest in universal principles, mystical beliefs, philosophical and religious mysteries, as well as the mysterious and magical sides of peoples lives.

In these schemes and dreams, you are more inclined than the average soul to go through periods of daydreaming, pondering, musing, whether inward wondering or emotional wandering, you keep many things to yourself. Yet during these periods of inner mental activity ask yourself if you are fully exercising your own true abilities and opportunities this lifetime.

You may long ago have been exposed to the Ultimate Mystic and Universal Principle, the Messiah, or some of His close followers, in the Holy Land during the New Testament period. Yet, in addition to afterlife soul journeys in Jupiter and Neptune, sometime since then, perhaps in your immediately previous life, you may have unlearned some of what you gained in your Early Church experience through, for instance, an early American incarnation when you may have opposed those whose beliefs were different from yours.

As a karmic result, then, when faced with disappointment resulting from deception and domination by others, you may ask yourself whether you are strong enough in your faith. This is emphasized because, in addition to having a pleasing outer temperament and tremendous inner resources from your lifetime in ancient Israel, you have a great deal of strength in your spiritual inclinations and marked leadership potential, especially involving groups and larger numbers of people even in the business world.

However, you may tend to allow your own beliefs, ideals, intuitions and unique capacities to be made subservient to the circumstances, attitudes and beliefs of others. This may have more than once brought you the feeling that you were hedged in by outer circumstances and if you could only have the opportunity for your wishes to be realized, how different things would be for you socially, financially and psychologically!

One likely consequence of this is a tendency toward exaggeration and at times confused shifts of feelings. For instance, you may find yourself going from near elation over some circumstances in your life to downright despondency with other ones.

Moreover, your true beliefs and feelings concerning your relationships with individuals and groups (for example feelings involving deception, exaggeration or simple confusion) are likely to be hidden from those close to you. However, because you are very impressionable, make a special effort to apply your will to stabilize yourself inwardly so you can better use abilities you have in many different directions, whether as a leader or in building and binding friendships. Bear in mind always that through your free will you can always CHOOSE to loose yourself from and stay aloof from relationships that take advantage of you.

Also, remember that the ability to pursue constructively your opportunities as a leader on one hand and to control these challenging situations you are meeting from past life links with others nonetheless lies entirely within you and not another. You must simply will yourself actively to express your innate abilities, perceptions, feelings and intuitions in a direct, straightforward fashion. This includes saying "No" to false friends as well as false beliefs. Were you to do this, supported spiritually with consistent meditation and vigilant prayer to be guided by the Divine Will rather than the will of another, you will find a far freer and greater potential for expression this lifetime. [1929-1, 240-2]

        NOTE: The Zodiac signs of the Sun and Moon are
        analyzed below. First they will be analyzed in
        the Tropical zodiac. If the positions are
        different in the Sidereal zodiac, then they
        will also be analyzed in the Sidereal zodiac.
        Also, if the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac
        sign, then only the Sun position is interpreted;
        the Moon position, being the same as the Sun
        position, does not need to be interpreted in
        this case.

Your Sun is in Gemini (Tropical zodiac).

Coming as you do under the double sign of Gemini, there are likely to be two natures within you as far as your inner, subconscious urges are concerned. One of these urges is to seek to know (and this thirst for knowledge may sometimes involve questionable things or conditions, at least as far as others are concerned). The other part of this dual urge from Gemini's influence is your innate as well as outwardly manifested spiritual seeking for a greater, better and more perfect relationship with another. At times these two urges may be more in conflict than most people ordinarily experience.

Also, as in other in Gemini children this tendency toward double-mindedness at times may find expression in inclinations to change your mind and overspeculate about things. With application of your will, these inclinations can be curbed.

Now, you were probably part of European culture during the Middle Ages, when there was considerable action and adventure, for example in the continual feuding and strife among the many fiefdoms, families, tribes, castles and kingdoms comprising Europe before its present consolidation into several nation-states.

You may even have been among the gentry or upper class of France or England, attending or participating in jousting tournaments, making long journeys to the Crusades against the Muslims in Palestine, or involved with trade exchanges with the caravans going to and from India and China.

In other words, because Mercury is the planet which rules or symbolizes the essence of Gemini, overall you may have experienced in one or more of these lifetimes a sense of restlessness enduring into your present life.

Finally, centuries or even millennia earlier, you may have led a life in what has become known as Australia or on one of its neighboring South Pacific islands. [674-3, 962-1]

Your Moon is in Taurus (Tropical zodiac).

Taurus' influence inclines you to be somewhat headstrong, with a very set and determined manner. Hence you are not always understood in everything you try to do, or in things which you know yourself to be true. Yet long-lasting are the influences you make on others with whom you have deep associations from previous lives.

Remember, success or accomplishment in life is not a matter of some great force or influence. Just as taught by the Master, it is not the power of the storm or of the earthquake or of great noises and the like. Rather it is the still small voice speaking from within you which becomes the influence through which movements of truly great forces really arise.

Since your childhood, being outdoors and living close to nature is probably more significant to you than to most others. This love of nature and the great outdoors is from one or more past lives spent on a farm or in nature settings. For ages countries on the Mediterranean such as ancient Egypt, Greece and virtually all of the ancient Mideast lived in close contact with nature. So did the Native Americans of pre-Columbian America. And surely you were one of them.

Farming, fishing and hunting then, are among your familiar pursuits (even if they only involve occasional outdoor activities like gardening, boating or indoors, tending flowers and plants). You also probably have greater confidence in holistic, natural healing approaches than in modern medicine's "advanced" yet artificial technology.

Now, Venus is the planet which rules or best symbolizes the essence of the sign Taurus. Of course, Venus symbolizes the female sex. Centuries ago in oriental cultures women were more feminine -- and experienced much more respect -- than today. A lifetime in Asia and lands like China, then, are also a likely part of your past life experiences.[1149-1, 1641-1]

Your Moon is in Aries (Sidereal zodiac).

From Aries are found inclinations often to be considered by others as being headstrong. You may also be very hard to convince alongside judgments you have made which have been the determining factors in your experience. Yet once you are convinced of something, you become very determined in that particular direction.

This tendency toward self-determination and being headstrong is probably rooted in at least one lifetime in ancient Palestine. Your likely link with the tribal nomads known as the Hebrews is expressed in your urge either to be a powerful yet somewhat dogmatic leader or to be inclined to follow someone with strong leadership qualities.

Also, living in large or extended family units dominated by a strong director or leader (whether male or female), having special admiration for winners, or even being totally submissive to another person who you feel is somehow in charge of you and your life are characteristic inclinations from similar experiences long ago.

Of course, Mars is the primary planet which symbolizes or rules the sign of Aries. This makes Mars and martial urges of special significance to you this lifetime. Therefore, depending on whether or not you apply your will, responding to conflict situations with directness and force are likely to be among your subconscious urges. These urges are from your prior experiences in the realm of Mars and from one or more past lives in the harsh, ancient desert culture of Israel and neighboring Arab lands.

Also from Mars, the Ram influence and this past lifetime in ancient Canaan and Palestine you may feel a need not only to be a leader or director but to excel in your career or in more physical endeavors like exercising or a competitive activities such as sports.[279-4, 340-15, 1804-1]

Your Past Life Decanates

According to an ancient Vedic astrology method
still practiced in India, Past Life Planets are realms
in which you sojourned between earth lifetimes. They
are identified through the position of your sidereal
Sun and Moon in the decanates (a decanate is a one-
third division of a zodiac sign; each is ruled by a
planet). Any patterns involving these Past Life
Planets are therefore of special importance. Pay extra
attention, then, to any sections of your Report which
interpret these planets.

NOTE: If your Sun and Moon are both located in a
decanate which is ruled by the same planet, then
only the Sun position is interpreted; the Moon's
decanate position, being the same as the Sun's,
therefore does not need to be interpreted.

Your Sun is in Capricorn Decanate

Your sidereal Sun is in the decanate of Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is the all-important realm to which the soul casts itself for purging and cleansing. Your likely sojourn between earth lives in Saturn's realm points to a major experience of soul reprogramming and self-purification. This brings into your present the essential of a "fresh start" lifetime.

Therefore, armed with self-discipline and excellent organizational and management skills, you will have special opportunities for spiritual progress through the mature way in which you face heavy changes and responsibilities. Also, an early death in one or more prior lives, especially in childhood (or perhaps even through suicide), is indicated.

Your Moon is in Aries Decanate

Your sidereal Moon is in ARIES decanate, which is ruled by Mars. Mars as Past Life Planet points to an active, outdoor, courageous, passionate yet at times warlike nature.

Your exceptional will to survive and endure is built up from military-related lifetimes in the ancient Greco-Roman world or more recently (within the past century) in pioneering experiences in Great Britain/Europe, colonial Asia, Africa and/or the Americas.