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Below you'll find some of the astrology books reviewed by professional astrologers.
(Alphabetical list by author's last name)


Author Book Title

Alexander, SkyeHidden Agenda

Baigent, MichaelMundane Astrology

Bobrick, BensonThe Fated Sky
Astrology in History

Brown, PhilipCosmic Trends

Clement, StephanieConsciousness and the Midheaven

Clement, StephanieAspect Patterns

Cramer, Diane L.How to Give An Astrological Health Reading

Chase Doane, DorisAstrology:
30 Years Research

Forrest, JodieThe Ascendant

Forrest, StevenThe Book of Pluto

George, DemetraFinding Our Way Through The Dark

Hathaway, EdithNavigating by the Stars

Kempton Smith, DebbieSecrets from a Stargazer's Notebook

Leigh, WendyTrue Grace:
The Life and Times of an American Princess

Lewi, GrantAstrology for the Millions

Lutin, MichaelSunshines:
The Astrology of Being Happy

MacGregor, TrishYour Intuitive Moon

McBroom, DonMidpoints:
Indentify & Integrate Midpoints Into Horoscope Synthesis

Murray, JessicaSoul-Sick Nation:
An Astrologer’s View of America

Pottenge, MarithaPlanets on the Move

Pottenger, MarkAstrological Research Methods
Volume 1, An ISAR Anthology

Rogers_Gallagher, KimAstrology for the Light Side of the Brain

Rowland, EdnaDestined for Murder

Ryneveld, EdnaTransits in Reverse

Star, GloriaOptimum Child

Tarnas, RichardCosmos and Psyche:
Intimations of a New World View

Taylor, BernieBiological Time

Tea, CelestePredicting Events with Astrology

Tea, CelesteIdentifying Planetary Triggers

Tyl, NoelNoel Tyl's Guide to Astrological Consultation

Tyl, NoelVocations

Wade, PaulHome Astrology:
Creating the Perfect Home for Your Star Sign

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