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Astrology Articles
Article Title: ABC Basic Delineation #2 – The Overview
Date Published:
- by Marion  March
A way to understand the uniqueness of each person and see it in the horoscope as a whole before analyzing it in depth.
[This article first appeared in the Summer 1981 issue of Aspects Astrological Magazine.]

Betty Ford, wife of President Gerald Ford, served as First Lady from August 1974 ‘til January 1977. She was admired and derided for her candor on subjects relating to drugs and premarital sex. She was an ardent supporter of women’s rights. Here is Ms. Ford's birth Information: [birth name: Elizabeth Ann (Betty) Bloomer] April 8, 1918, 3:46 p.m. CWT, Chicago, IL (41N52 87W39). Source: Astrologer Laurie Brady in National Enquirer.

Full ViewBetty Ford’s chart shows an active and involved personality at first glance. 7 planets above the horizon, plus Pluto and Jupiter in the 10th house, denote her wish to rise above her station at birth, to prove her worth to herself and the world, to grow and expand.

Mutable angles and 4 mutable planets show her versatility, but also a certain dependence on other people, confirmed by her 7th house Moon and 4 of 5 personal planets located on the Western side of the horoscope.

The chart is quite well balanced, with all houses fairly even; all elements, qualities and house positions represented. There is no final signature and no definite chart pattern. It could be a wide bowl or over-sized locomotive – which I interpret as her ability to utilize her talents in many directions, rather than being forced into a set pattern.

The chart ruler, Mercury in Taurus, makes the tightest planetary aspect in the horoscope, a 24-minute orb square to Saturn; Mercury also rules the Midheaven; Betty Ford’s need to express herself (Ascendant) and achieve in a career or attain a certain status (MC) will have to come through the integration of Mercury (communication) with Saturn (responsibility/form/structure).

The dominant factors of the chart are two mutable T-squares or one very wide T-square with one orb leading to the other. I prefer to read it as Mars at 15 Virgo opposition to the Moon at 15 Pisces and both square to Jupiter at 9 Gemini, and another T-square of the Ascendant at 6 Virgo opposite Venus at 2 Pisces and both square to Jupiter at 9 Gemini. These mutable T-squares involve everything in the horoscope except the 3rd, 5th and 12th houses, so when by progression one part gets touched off, the effect will be felt in many areas and for quite a while since the orb goes from 2 to 15. Betty Ford has had her share of trouble and excitement, and it is interesting to note that important events in her life, such as her marriage to Gerald Ford, the death of her mother, her becoming First lady, her cancer operation and so on, all occurred when the T-square was activated by progressions or slow transits.

Another important factor to consider is that neither the Moon nor Mars (both involved in the T-square) have easy outlets such as trines or sextiles to utilize the energies manifested in the squares and oppositions. The sun also lacks ease of expression. This rather repressed energy can take its toll in health matters, [making for] a high-strung nervous system and a possible escape into drugs, alcohol or related areas. Aquarius on the cusp of the 6th house and the ruler Uranus in the 6th would confirm rather easily upset health conditions and a very erratic nervous response to problems. The overall chart and 4 angular planets show enough strength to overcome any weakness, as long as Betty Ford analyzes (Virgo Asc.) her problems and puts them into concrete form (Mercury in Taurus), rather than giving into the emotional side of her nature (Moon in Pisces).

[Editor’s note: near the time this article was written, Mrs. Ford confirmed that she had been in treatment for alcohol and prescription drug abuse. In 1982, she and Leonard Firestone founded the Betty Ford Center for the treatment of alcohol and addictions. Mrs. Ford's second book, BETTY: A GLAD AWAKENING was published in 1987. In this book she recounts her own 1978 recovery from chemical dependency.]

Copyright: Marion March

Bio: Marion  March

Marion March is a noted teacher, lecturer and writer on astrologer, as well as a valued astrological counselor in her own right, and the mentor of many younger astrologers. With Joan McEvers, she is the author of a series of comprehensive instructional books: The Only Way to Learn Astrology in five volumes, which has gone through many editions, and has been translated (and published) in several languages besides English including German, Spanish and Portuguese.

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