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Astrology Articles
Article Title: Truth of Heliocentric Astrology
Date Published:
- by Siegfried  Schiemenz
Connections between the positions of planets and human achievement, claimed by astrologers as a basis of Astrology, are not only denied but also even vehemently rejected by astronomers.

In the following I think I can show firstly that there are connections between the positions of the planets on the day of birth of human beings and their achievements during their lives and secondly that the nature of the achievements corresponds with traditional rules of Astrology.

In a previous talk, given at the Research Conference in London, Nov. 96, and published on the Internet under "New Age Voices" and summarized in "Correlation" (Vol. 15, No 2), I demonstrated that it is not the single aspect that is important but configurations of three or more planets, and also that in a group of people who achieve something above average, configurations formed by harmonious aspects occur much more frequently than would statistically be expected.

These promoting configurations are Grand Trines, formed by a succession of 3 trines (see fig.1); Troika and Quadriga, 3 or 4 planets linked by conjunctions (see fig. 2), and a Sextile - trapezoid, a succession of 3 sextiles with at least 4 planets (fig. 3).

The group I chose consisted of 704 people, picked out of a German encyclopedia. Now I want to show in addition that not only the sum total of the harmonious configurations is significantly higher just as predicted by Astrology but also that the nature of the aspects corresponds with the nature of the achievements.

Really harmonious aspects are trine and sextile, whereas conjunctions, following the classical theory of Astrology are supposed to be associated with a greater will to get one's way.

In order to demonstrate this, I chose two groups of different kinds of people:
  1. Famous writers.
  2. Politicians who had shown an immense will to prevail against all odds.

It was not difficult to get the first group. In 1984 the Library of Great Narrators of World Literature was published in 100 volumes (Harenberg Kommunikation, Dortmund). These 100 authors selected by an editorial staff have more than twice the number of harmonious configurations, formed by trines and sextiles, than would be expected with average people (i.e. by probability calculus).

The vast majority of these authors are already included in my publication, mentioned above.

To select the second group I asked participants at a conference on Cosmobiology to name politicians from throughout history, who had prevailed against all opposition, very often beyond or at the very edge of legality, with the exception of hereditary kings or emperors.

In order to complete the list I additionally asked a doctor of history, now a professor, for more suggestions. Eventually I had a list of 54 people (see page 4 ) of course excluding those whose birthday is unknown, as for example Alexander the Great, Karl Martell, William the Conquerer, Genghis Khan and Kaddafi.

Now let us have a look: the number of configurations formed by conjunctions is three times higher than would be expected. That means the deviation is conclusively significant.The number of Quadrigas is even 4.5 times more than would be expected. While in the first group the Troikas are under represented, in this group the Grand Trines and the Sextile - trapezoides are under represented.

Now the skeptics will raise the objection that Astrologers were involved in the selection. But this argument is not valid because the list is open to anyone to change. Everybody can - with sensible reasons - add someone or throw someone out. You would see that there is no real change in the result.

For example, I would like to drop the few individuals I have marked with an asterisk in the list: Otto the Great and Frederick the Great, because they were sons of kings; Allende was selected democratically and he was not able to maintain his position, Evita Peron was not really a ruler like also K. Eisner and Andreas Hofer. But I did not want to interfere in the nominations.

By the way Mohammed is put in brackets. He and his Troika are not counted because his date of birth is not sure. Charles the Great (not the son of a king!), Atatürk and Khomeini (each without any configuration) were counted although their dates are uncertain.

If you think someone else should belong to this group, add them. But even adding 25 astrologically insignificant individuals would not really change the significance of the statistics. But were one to choose people we might assume to bear the traits required for this group, for example the main rulers of the Soviet Union, then the result would become more conclusive in support of Astrology. They are chronologically: Trotsky, Lenin, Rykov, Stalin, Malenkov, Chrustchev, Breshnev, Tsherenkov, Gorbatschov and Yeltsin.

Leaving out the three who have already been named, there remain seven individuals with four Troikas and one Quadriga.

The Troikas show additional results which might be meaningful: the Earth is involved twice as often as the other planets are and as is to be expected, i. e. 16 times instead of 8 times on average.

Now there is something to say about the method I have used and the reasons for it.

My "theory" of Astrology is a little bit different to that held by most Astrologers. In my opinion most people very often live out only parts of their own horoscope; they often follow or even imitate other people. That means you also have to take into consideration horoscopes of parents, teachers, bosses or other examples. So statistics with "normal" people must fail, as they mostly have done up to now.

Only people who have the strength to stay true to their own character and have a personal goal to strive for with all their energy, have to use all parts of their personality and that means also of their horoscope. So I think in the first instance you can try to prove the truth of Astrology only with this kind of person.

I can prove the strong effect human environment has on individuals. This effect is underestimated by most astrologers:

In the southwest of Germany, there live descendants of the Germanic tribe, the Allemannen, the same kind of people with very similar customs and language, live beyond the border in Switzerland. Between 1910 and 1930 in each of these two parts of Europe more than half a million people were born. If in about 1930 Astrologers had been asked to say something about the future fate of these two groups of people, they would have come on average to the same conclusion. But in the time between 1939 and 1946 their fate differed completely. The men born to the north of this border had to spend their lives dangerously in different parts of Europe, for example in trenches in front of Moscow and Stalingrad. About 40,000 lost their lives and about the same number lost a limb. During that time in Switzerland people could enjoy their lives quite normally. They could spend their free time with barbecues and afternoon tea parties, strolling along the Boulevards or in parks or browsing in shops. Only very few died at this age, either of natural death or by accident.

Why this difference? The people north of the border followed Hitler and his henchmen, most of them with enthusiasm, not by force. And so Hitler's horoscope became relevant for their fate.

All positions of planets here are calculated from the heliocentric point of view. In this matter I have met with the approval of some German and Swiss, and a large number of American Astrologers.

One advantage is that I can use only the noon of the birthday and do not need the precise time of birth to calculate the constellations, because A and M and Moon are not taken into consideration. Exact times are very difficult to get and it turned out to be almost impossible to convince skeptical scientists that these times are right and not biased.( What Astrologers call rectified, scientists would call faked! ). A disadvantage is, that there are thousands of people born around the world on this day, but that does not really effect the result of our statistic: Individuals who succeeded in showing their creativity during their lives have other constellations on average than would normally be expected. In 1954 I described the geocentric horoscope as a horoscope of the heart, the heliocentric one as a horoscope of the spirit, which becomes more effective with growing experience and growing maturity.

With individuals outstanding in literature, arts or politics the heliocentric constellations are more characteristic and therefore more important. For "normal" people or such of only local importance, the geocentric constellations give more information. But the latter group would be more difficult to gather and to present in a way acceptable to scientists.

We have differentiated between poets and writers on one side, and powerful politicians on the other, and found as predicted by astrological rules many more harmonious configurations in the first group and many more Troikas and Quadrigas in the other group.

Of course this distinction is not strict. You can also find harmonious configurations with politicians, but then you will see they act mostly in another way. They emphasize diplomacy. Examples are Metternich, Lord Palmerstone, Bismarck, Lloyd George, Stresemann (Peace - Nobel prize for the peace treaty between England, France and Germany after the First World War), Kissinger and others.

Writers and also painters with Quadrigas put the stress more on a powerful statement than on aesthetics. See for example the contrast between Turner (GT) and Picasso (Q).They also like to get their way more energetically and prefer describing acts of violence as you can see already at the highest level with W. Shakespeare (Q) but also in modern times with Agatha Christie (Q) and John Grisham (Q) in contrast, for example, to Galsworthy, Heaney, Virginia Woolf and others with Grand Trines.

Configurations formed by squares can also form a strong personality, but this person has to fight harder for success in life and you can be sure that he rubs a lot of people up the wrong way. An example is Jean Genet, a great French poet who among other things was also a legionnaire and a convict and whose books at various times were even banned. He has a complete square of four planets.

We should be cautious in judging people only by their constellations. Perhaps those who achieve a lot without helpful constellations are the real geniuses.

1Pompeius Magnus29.09.-106 ++    + 
2Caesar G. J.12.07.-100+ +  ++
3Augustus23.09.- 63    +  ++ 
4Vespasian17.11.+ 9
5Caligula31.08. 12
6Trajan18.09. 53  + ++  + 
( 7Mohammed20.04. 571 )  + ++ 
8Charles the Great02.04. 747
9*Otto the Great23.11. 912  +   + ++
11Wallenstein A.v.24.09.1583  + ++  +
12Cromwell Oliv.24.04.1599
13Fredrick d. Gr.24.01.1712
14Washington G.22.02.1732
15*Hofer A.22.11.1767
16Napoleon B.15.08.1769
17Bolivar Simon25.07.1783  + +   +
18Juarez Benito21.03.1806
19Garibaldi G.04.07.1807 + + +
20Napoleon III.20.04.1808 
21*Eisner Kurt14.05.1867 
24Resa Schah16.03.1878 
25Trotski07.11.1879  ++ +
27Ibn Saud24.11.1880+ + +
28Enver Pascha09.03.1881+ + + 
30Mussolini B.29.07.1883 
31Hitler A.20.04.1889 ##+ #+ +
32Salazar28.04.1889+ + ++
33Ho Tschi Min19.05.1890 
34Gaulle Ch. de22.11.1890 ++ ++
36Haille Selassie23.07.1892 +++ 
37Franco B.04.12.1892+ #++ ##
38Mao Tse Tung26.12.1893 + + ++
39Peron J.08.10.1895 
40Nagib 20.02.1901+ ++
43*Allende Salv.26.07.1908 
46Marcos F.11.09.1917 
48Ceaucescu N.26.01.1918 + + +
49*Peron Ev.07.05.1919 
50Dubcek Al.27.11.1921+ ++ 
51Castro F.13.08.1927 
54Sadam Hussein28.04.1937 +++

Note to page 4 :53 people (without Mohammed) with 23 multiple conjunctions!
 16 Troikas and 7 Quadrigas = 43.4 % (only 14 % are to be expected ).
 Planets involved are marked + and # (only with two Troikas).

Figure 1:Grand Trine, frequency to be expected 10.0 %; orb + 5° (one trine up to 6°). Here you can see the difference between heliocentric and geocentric calculation. Venus seen from the sun stands on 23.7° Cancer, seen from the Earth it is projected to 9.8° Leo.

The trine Mercury/Venus, impossible in a geocentric horoscope, is in the heliocentric chart, with poets and writers, more frequently than is to be expected. In my paper on the Internet I mentioned mainly German poets and writers with Grand Trines, here are more English writing ones: Browning, Fielding, Galsworthy, Heaney, Irving, Kipling, Poe, Scott, Sterne, Wordsworth, Yeats.

Figure 2:Quadriga, frequency to be expected: Troika and Quadriga together 14 % ( = multiple conjunctions); orb of the first conjunction + 6° , each further one 7°.

The statistic is not optimised yet, you can interpret this Quadriga as 2 troikas. For further examples see page 4.

Figure 3:Sextile - trapezoid, expected frequency: 4.5 %; orb + 5°, one of the three sextiles may have 6°. Further examples are: Pearl S. Buck; J. Gotthelf; S. J. Heaney; J. P. Hebel; Heyse; Jacobson; F. v. Schiller; Th. Mann; J. Swift; Turgenev; Wieland; Zola.


Erlewine, St.:"Win Star", Astrology Software for Windows, Matrix Software, 1996
Schütz, A. ( S. Schiemenz ):"Das heliozentrische Horoskop", in: Astrologische Monatshefte 7 / 8, Hamburg 1954
Schiemenz, S.:"The Significance of Heliocentric Positions of Planets in Astrology and Science," Internet, New Age Voices, Astrological Magazine, September 1996; summarised in "Correlation" Vol.15, No 2.
Harenberg Kommunikation:"Die große Erzähler - Bibliothek der Weltliteratur" in 100 Vol., Dortmund 1984. ( In the meantime 109 vol. and authors.)

Copyright: Siegfried Schiemenz

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The Significance of Heliocentric Positions of Planets in Astrology and Science   

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