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Astrology Articles
Article Title: Arabian Parts (#2) - 158 Arabian Parts
Date Published: 3/1/2001
- by George C.  Noonan
The Classic Corner   -The following list of lots, or Arabian Parts, are taken from the tenth century book by al-Biruni, THE BOOK OF INSTRUCTION IN THE ELEMENTS OF THE ART OF ASTROLOGY. There are five columns in the table. To compute the lot, subtract the longitude of the point in column 2 from the longitude of the point in column 3 and add the longitude of the point in column 4. The 5th column indicates whether or not there is a change from a daytime to a nighttime chart. If there is a change, the points in columns 2 and 3 are interchanged in a nighttime chart.


Name of Arabian Part Minus (Planet or Point)

From (Planet or Point)

Plus (usually Ascendant)

Change for day/night charts?

Part of Fortune or Lunar Horoscope  Sun  Moon  Asc Change
Part of Daemon and Religion Moon  Sun  Asc Change
Part of Friendship and Love (Eros) Fortuna  Daemon  Asc Change
Part of Despair and Penury and Fraud Daemon  Fortuna  Asc Change
Part of Captivity, Prisons and Escape Saturn  Fortuna Asc Change
Part of Bravery Mars  Fortuna Asc Change
Life Jupiter  Saturn  Asc Change
Pillar of the Horoscope of Nativities, Permanence and Constancy Fortuna  Daemon Asc Change
Reasoning and Eloquence Mercury  Mars  Asc Change
Property Ruler 2nd cusp cusp of 2nd Asc Change
Debt Saturn  Mercury Asc  Change
Treasure Trove Mercury  Venus  Asc Same
Brothers Saturn Jupiter Asc Same
Number of Brothers Mercury Saturn Asc Same
Death of Brothers and Sisters Sun 10 degree of 3rd cusp* Asc  Change
Parents Sun  Saturn   Asc  Change
Grandparents 2nd cusp Saturn Asc  Change
Ancestors and Relations Saturn  Mars  Asc  Change
Real Estate a/o Hermes Mercury  Jupiter Asc  Change
Real Estate a/o Some of the Persians Saturn  Moon  Asc  Change
Agriculture, Tillage Venus Saturn  Asc Same
Issue of Affairs Saturn  Ruler of conj. or opp.***  Asc Change
Children Jupiter  Saturn  Asc Change
Time and no. of Sexes Mars  Jupiter  Asc  Same
Condition of Males Mars  Jupiter  Asc Same
Females Moon  Venus  Asc Same
As to Whether Expected Birth is Male or Female Moon  Ruler of the house of the Moon  Asc Change
Disease, Defects, Time of Onset a/o Hermes Saturn  Mars Asc Change
Disease a/o to Some of the Ancients Mercury Mars  Asc Same
Captivity Ruler of Time 
Ruler of house of ruler of time, R. of 6th Asc  Same
Slaves Mercury  plus Moon Asc Same
Marriage of Men Saturn Venus Asc Same
Marriage Sun  Venus Asc Same
Trickery & Deception of Men & Women Sun  Venus  Asc Same
Intercourse Sun Venus Asc Same
Marriage of Women Venus  Saturn  Asc Same
Marriage of Women (2) Moon  Mars  Asc Same
Misconduct of Women Moon Mars Asc Same
Trickery and Deceit of Men by Women Moon Mars Asc Same
Intercourse (2) Moon Mars Asc Same
Unchastity of Women Moon Mars Asc Same
Chastity of Women Moon Venus Asc Same
Marriage of Men & Women (Hermes) Venus  7th cusp Asc Same
Time of Marriage Sun Moon Asc Same
Fraudulent Marriage and Facilitating Such Marriage Saturn  Venus  Asc Same
Sons-in-law Saturn Venus Asc Change
Lawsuits Mars  Jupiter Asc Change
Death Moon  8th cusp  Saturn Same
The Anciretai**** Asc Ruler Moon  Asc Change
Year to be Feared at Birth for Death Saturn Ruler of house of conj. or opp.*** Asc  Same
Place of Murder and Sickness Saturn  Mars Mercury Change
Danger and Violence Saturn Mars Asc Change
Journeys  Ruler of 9th cusp 11th cusp Asc Same
Journeys by Water Saturn  15 Cancer Asc Change
Timidity and Hiding Moon Mercury Asc Change
Deep Reflection Saturn Moon Asc Change
Understanding and Wisdom Saturn Sun Asc Change
Traditions, Knowledge of Affairs Sun Jupiter Asc Change
Knowledge Whether True or False Mercury Moon Asc Same
Noble Births** From Ruler of Time (Saturn) to his degree of exaltation (21 Li + Asc) Asc Change
Kings & Sultans Mars  Moon  Asc Change
Administrators  Mercury Mars Asc Change
Sultan's Victory & Conquest Sun  Saturn  Asc Change
Of Those Who Rise in Station  Saturn  Fortuna Asc Change
Celebrated Persons of Rank  Saturn  Sun  Asc Same
Armies & Police  Mars  Saturn  Asc Change
Sultan – Those Concerned In Nativity  Saturn  Moon  Asc Same
Merchants & Their Work Mercury  Venus  Asc Change
Buying and Selling Daemon  Fortuna  Asc Change
Operations & Orders in Medical Treatment  Sun  Jupiter Asc Change
Mothers  Venus  Moon  Asc Change
Glory  Fortuna  Daemon  Asc Change
Friendship & Enmity Fortuna Daemon Asc Change
Known by Men & Revered, Constant in Affairs Fortuna  Sun  Asc Change
Success  Fortuna  Venus  Asc Change
Worldliness  Fortuna  Venus  Asc Change
Hope  Jupiter  Mercury  Asc Change
Friends  Moon Mercury  Asc Same
Violence  Daemon  Mercury  Asc Same
Abundance in House  Moon  Sun  Asc Same
Liberty of Person Mercury   Sun  Asc Change
Praise & Acceptance  Jupiter Venus  Asc Change
Enmity a/o Some Ancients  Saturn  Mars  Asc Same
Enmity a/o Hermes  Ruler 7th Cusp of 7th Asc Same
Bad Luck  Daemon Fortuna Asc Same
Hailaj**** degree of conj or opp.*** Moon Asc Same
Debilitated Bodies Fortuna  Mars  Asc Change
Horsemanship, Bravery Saturn Moon  Asc Change
Boldness, Violence & Murder  Asc ruler  Moon  Asc Change
Trickery & Deceit Mercury Daemon  Asc Change
Necessity & Wish  Saturn  Mars  Asc Same
Requirements and Necessities a/o Egyptians Mars  3rd cusp  Asc Same
Realization of Needs & Desires  Fortuna  Mercury  Asc Same
Retribution  Mars  Sun  Asc Change
Rectitude  Mercury  Mars  Asc Change

The notes after the asterisks (below) are by Kt Boehrer.

* Let me explain that I understood from George that he meant that the astrologer should take the tenth degree from the 3rd cusp IN the 3rd house - i.e., if the 3rd cusp is 10 Sag. the tenth degree would be 20 Sag. Some of these parts are pretty tricky.

** Noble births: "minus the distance from the Ruler of Time to his degree of exaltation." Saturn is the ruler of time and his exaltation degree is 21 Libra plus Asc.

*** "conj. or opp." - This is the nearest conjunction or opposition taking place just prior to birth. Ancient planets only (don't use configurations with Uranus, Neptune or Pluto).

**** I have tried to find out for 30 years what the Anciretai signifies, but have never found anyone who knows and never had the chance to ask George Noonan. But I love the word and it's an 8th house lot so it must have to do with death, don't you think? I have similarly been unable to find out the meaning of the Hailaj.

[Note: The following two paragraphs are quoted from R. Ramsay Wright's 1934 translation of Al-biruni's "The Book of Instruction in the Elements of the Art of Astrology." - Ed.]

Differences in Practice
There are some people who adopt methods differing from the above under some circumstances: e.g. with regard to the lot of parents when Saturn is under the rays of the Sun, they take from Jupiter to the sun by night or vice versa by day and cast from the Ascendant. Again in the case of the lot for grandparents, if the sun is in Leo, they take from the beginning of Leo to Saturn by day and by night in the opposite direction. And it if is in the domicile of Saturn then from the Sun to Saturn by day and vice versa by night. In both cases cast from the Ascendant even if Saturn is under the rays or otherwise afflicted. Should two lots indicate the same point, it is regarded as very fortunate. In some of these cases the instructions for day and night are the same. In others different as may be seen from the table, in the former event there is no advantage to be derived from separate calculation.

This matter of casting lots is a very long one, so that one might think there is no end to it. For instance there are those which are cast at the turn of the year (the entry of the Sun into Aries) on worldly matters and affairs of empire and those which are cast as conjunctions and oppositions of the moon to elicit prognostics as to weather, as to success of ventures and other horary questions.

Lots which are cast at anniversaries of the world year and at conjunctions.
Sultan’s Lot MC Sun MC Anniv. Jupiter Same
Sultan’s Lot (by another way) Deg. of Asc. Conj. Deg. of Conj. Asc Same
Victory Sun. R. of 7th Asc Same
Battle Mars Moon Victory Same
Battle (second way) Mars Moon Asc Same
Battle (third way) Saturn Moon Asc Same
Truce between Armies Moon Mercury Asc Same
Conquest Fortuna Jupiter Asc Change
Of 1st Conjunction Ascen. year conj. Deg. conj. Asc Same
Of 2nd Conjunction Ascen. conj. Deg. conj. Asc Same
The following lots are associated with the years, the four quarters and the conjunctions and oppositions of the moon.
Earth Saturn Jupiter Asc Same
Water Moon Venus Asc Same
Air & Wind Mercury R. of his domicile Asc Same
Fire Sun Mars Asc Same
Clouds Mars Saturn Asc Change
Rains Moon Venus Asc Change
Cold Mercury Saturn Asc Change
Floods Sun Saturn Moon At moonrise
Lots as to prognostics regarding crops, etc.
Wheat Sun Jupiter Asc Change
Barley, Meat Moon Jupiter Asc Change
Rice, Millet Jupiter Venus Asc Change
Maise Jupiter Saturn Asc Change
Pulse Venus Mercury Asc Change
Lentils & Iron Mars Saturn Asc Change
Beans, Onions Saturn Mars Asc Change
Chick-peas (garbanzo) Venus Sun Asc Change
Sesame, Grapes Saturn Venus Asc Change
Sugar Venus Mercury Asc Change
Honey Moon Sun Asc Change
Oil Mars Moon Asc Change
Nuts, Flax Mars Venus Asc Change
Olives Mercury Moon Asc Change
Apricots Saturn Mars Asc Change
Water melons Jupiter Mercury Asc Change
Salt Moon Mars Asc Change
Sweets Sun Venus Asc Change
Astringents Mercury Saturn Asc Change
Pungent Things Mars Saturn Asc Change
Raw Silk, Cotton Mercury Venus Asc Change
Purgatives Mercury Saturn Asc Change
Bitter Purgatives Saturn Mars Asc Change
Acid Purgatives Saturn Jupiter Asc Change
Lots cast in connection with horary questions.
Secrets Ruler of Asc. 10th cusp Asc Same
Urgent Wish Lord of Hour Ruler of Asc. Asc Change
Time of Attainment Lord of Hour Ruler of 10th Asc Change
Information, True or Not Mercury Moon Asc Change
Injury to Business Ruler of Asc. Fortuna Asc Same
Freedmen & Servants Jupiter Saturn Mercury Same
Lords & Masters Jupiter Saturn Moon Same
Marriage Venus 7th cusp Asc Same
Time for Action Sun Jupiter Asc Same
Time Occupied Therein Sun Saturn Asc Same
Dismissal or Resignation Sun Jupiter Saturn Same
Time Thereof Lord of Affair Fortuna 10th cusp Same
Life or Death of Absent Person Moon Mars Asc Same
Lost Animal Sun Mars Asc Same
Lawsuits Mars Mercury Asc Same
Successful Issue Sun Jupiter Asc Same
Decapitation Moon Mars 8th cusp Same
Torture Moon Saturn 9th cusp Same

Copyright: George Noonan

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