Tarot Reading for Tony Romo 
1 Covers You: Seven of Swords 
The atmosphere and influences affecting the situation. 
The focus is on attempts, efforts, uncertain or unstable conditions, introspection, analysis, perfection, priorities, self-protection, family members, partners, and health.

2 Crosses You: Three of Swords 
Obstacles that stand in your way. 
You will feel that what you cherished most is gone forever and that it will never return or be recovered.
You will be hurt, impatient, or angry with your friends and distraught about your love life, but that is going to change.

3 Crowns You: Seven of Cups 
Your aims or ideals, the best that can be achieved in the situation. 
Mundane: Don't let conditions, appearances, or what others have to say sway you or veer you off your ideal. What you want is right under your nose, just waiting to be discovered. Esoteric: Don't alienate yourself from life-giving forces. God dwells in you as you and in everyone and everything else.
You won't feel capable of mastering the steps it takes to succeed, but someone or something will come along that will help you or make your way easier.

4 Beneath You: XV The Devil 
The foundation or basis of the situation. What the past has given you to use. 
The Home 
This is not a good time to push for results, scrutinize situations, or move to a new location. Others will have the upper hand, so don't make waves or force confrontations.
You will run into unexpected complications and have the sudden realization that what you have been pursuing cannot be continued.

5 Behind You: Six of Swords 
The recent past. Influences passing out ot the situation. 
A major problem or obstacle related to your work or personal affairs is about to be resolved. You can't see it coming, but it's very near.

6 Before You: Knight of Swords 
Immediate future. Influences passing into the situation. 
A new reality is going to dawn for you -- one of simplicity, acceptance, and grace: the full realization that there is no need to contrive solutions or assert any fixed ideas and a willingness to let the Universe direct your course.

7 Your Role: Ten of Pentacles 
Your significator, your position and attitude in the situation. 
The focus is on the home, family, or dwelling; daily living costs and expenses; domestic matters; friends, community and working environment.

8 Environment: Nine of Swords 
Your "house". The circumstances and immediate friends that influence the situation. 
You will be parted from a friend or loved one and will be very sad or lonely without them.
The Home 
You will experience anxiety over another who is away on business, and/or an offer made will be rescinded or declined.
Relatives will be experiencing difficulties, losses, or sorrows. Or someone will take your side against another.

9 Hopes & Fears: Six of Cups 
The hopes and fears of the situation. 
You will be doubting your ability to succeed in the work or profession you have chosen and all of its related areas.
You are following your own star or listening to your own drummer, and you have a unique or special wish you want fulfilled, such as phasing one thing out in favor of another.

10 Culmination: XII The Hanged Man 
The culminating card, the final result of the situation. 
Problems will be resolved one by one, and a turbulent time is coming to an end.