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Vesta [Astro*Index]

One of the four largest asteroids, discovered in l807. Some astrologers associate it with devotion, security, and tradition.

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Vesta [Prima]

One of the four largest asteroids, Vesta was discovered in l807 and named after the ancient Greek goddess Hestia (Latin, Vesta), who was the first born of the Olympian gods and goddesses.

Vesta came to be symbolically represented by the eternal flame (and its ancient guardians, the vestal virgins). This sacred flame represented both the "source" and the continuity of sacred "essence."

The vestal priestesses were originally, along with their other responsibilities, keepers of sacred sexual rites related to the passing on of the flame or "essence" through procreation and the resultant birth of divine kings. Celibacy was later enforced on the vestals, who were punished by death for any violation.

Keywords:   devotion
the inner fire, spirit
dedication to duty
preservation of that
which is sacred
rape, desecration
the center
sacred space
hearth and home


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