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Most astrologers agree that the United States of America was "born" at the moment that the statements contained in the Declaration of Independence were agreed upon, irrespective of the date when the first or last signature was affixed to that document. Unfortunately, no official document refers to the exact moment of time, and some variation exists as to the actual date. A letter written by Caesar Rodney (the delegate from Delaware) on 1776 JUL 04, states that he "arrived in Congress (tho detained by thunder and rain) time enough to give my voice in the matter in independence." He was absent on JUL 01. Thus, according to his letter, the vote took place on JUL 02, 03, or 04. As to the time of day, it is known that Congress had other matters to deal with in the morning hours; hence, we may be certain that a vote did not occur earlier than 09:00 AM. With reasonable certainty, the vote was not taken before 10:00AM. As it was normal to adjourn by 05:00 PM, the hours of 09:00AM-05:00PM provide a "window" of 8 hours on each of the 3 dates (JUL 02-04) as possible moments. For the date of 1776 JUL 04, three charts have been offered as serious candidates, and have received the support of large groups of advocates; these charts are generally known by their respective tropical rising signs (Libra, Gemini, and Sagittarius). Each chart has been advanced on the basis of its delineative qualities, with occasional historical support provided in the form of a marginal note written by an individual living during that period. Advocates of all three charts place heavy emphasis on the sign Gemini, whose qualities they consider to best characterize the USA, its government and people. Attempts to justify each of the candidate charts have involved relating major historical events to standard astrological predictive techniques. All advocates have made use of Transit/Natal timings, and some have applied Secondary Progressions and Directions.

For sheer volume of such efforts, the `Libra' chart has received the most attention by serious investigators and has, therefore, been selected as the first chart presented here. The Libra Chart for the Declaration of Independence has been specified as:

            1776 JUL 04,12:18:24 EST (PM)
            Philadelphia, PA
            W075°08'01", N39°56'58"

This chart was strongly supported by John Hazelrigg (who did extensive work relating historical and astrological factors), Llewellyn George, Donald Bradley, and Lewis Howard. The Sidereal version of the same chart shows Sidereal Virgo rising with no less than 4 planets in Sidereal Gemini within 13° of the MC, and displays Saturn rising in Virgo within 1° of the ASC.

The Gemini-rising chart was strongly supported by Edna Scott, president of the AFA, and teacher at the First Temple and College of Astrology, Los Angeles, CA. The AFA urged the acceptance of this chart as the best candidate. Its principle feature in the presence of the sign Gemini on the ASC, with a strong grouping of planets near the ASC (two in Tropical Gemini and 4 in Tropical Cancer).

The Sagittarius-rising chart was supported by Manly Hall. A marginal note given by Sibly lends some historical validity to its support.

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