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2 articles for "Uranus"

Uranus [Prima] Uranus Glyph

One of the 10 major planets.

Ruler of Aquarius.

Freedom, innovation, sudden changes and events.

Independence, individuality, individuation, originality, unexpectedness, excitement, eccentricity, inventiveness, extremes.

Electricity, inventions, explosions, flashes, awakenings, natural grasp of metaphysical laws, humanitarianism, revolution, change, thrills, surprises.

Is highly individualistic and independent; an unusual and unpredictable person; highly intuitive; rhythmic -- with a natural sense of pattern and design; flashes of genius; innovative -- with great enthusiasm for the new and untried.

In the business chart: Erratic behavior, independence, technology or advanced methods concerning matters of the houses Uranus occupies or rules.

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Uranus [DeVore]

The first of the trans-Saturnian planets of modern discovery v. Solar System.

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