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Ulugh Beg [Astro*Index]

(oo'loog beg')

(1393-1449) Mongol astronomer. Born at Soltaniyeh, Persia; died at Samarkand (Uzbek, USSR). Grandson of Tamerlane, the Mongol warrior, he succeeded to the throne in 1447.

He built an astronomical observatory at Samarkand which was unexcelled throughout the world. He published new tables, which were superior to Ptolemy's, in Arabic; they were translated into Persian. But, it was not until 1665, that his work was translated into Latin – long after the work of Tycho Brahe had eclipsed his efforts; hence, Europe was unaware of the greatest astronomer of his day. His star map of 994 stars was the first new chart since Hipparchus.

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