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Twelfth House [Prima]

One of the 12 astrological houses.

Sign association: Pisces.

Represents the end of a cycle; the dissolution of what has been — and the returning to the source for renewal.

Endings; letting go; service and sacrifice or, conversely, suffering and sorrow; renunciation; martyrdom; confinement (voluntary – as in ashrams and monasteries — or involuntary – as in prisons); conflict between the individual and society; institutions and sanctuaries.

Self-undoing; events that feel fated; karmic debts and unfinished business; subconscious content in the mind; the unconscious, both individual and collective; help from behind the scenes; secrets; secret enemies; large animals.

In the business chart: Dealings with hospitals, charities and institutions; losses of profit and property; theft; errors; doubts; undercover intelligence operations; secret activities.

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