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Topocentric House System [Astro*Index]
	obl = +23.45°
	LAT = +37.00°
 	ST  = 07:32:00 = 113.00°


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Topocentric House System [Prima]

One of several house systems.

A 20th-century house system derived by Argentinean astrologers Vendel Polish and Nelson Page. It is topocentric as opposed to geocentric, i.e. the birthplace is kept on the surface of the Earth, rather than being projected to the center of the Earth. It was formulated after laborious empirical testing with primary directions that indicated the positions of the house cusps. Its house cusps are within a degree of Placidian cusps (not including extreme latitudes over 56°), although the two systems have completely different mathematical premises.

The celestial equator is divided into 12 equal parts from a cone of rotation. The resultant ascensional circles are then projected onto the ecliptic to obtain the degrees of longitude of the house cusps.

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