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Tesla, Nikola [Astro*Index]

(1856-1943) Croatian-American electrical engineer.

He emigrated to the USA in 1884, and worked with Edison for a short time. A major problem of the electrical industry of the 19th century was the transmission of electric power over wires, due to the great loss which occurred. But, at high voltage, this loss could be held to a minimum. Thus, Tesla devised transformers and motors which ran on a.c. (alternating current) as a solution to the problem. Edison continued to support d.c. (direct current), and the bitter feud persisted for many years, until Tesla acquired the help of George Westinghouse, and the a.c. power transmission method triumphed. The work of Tesla inspired astrologer L.Edward Johndro, and gave him some ideas about the possible electromagnetic nature of astrological influences. Tesla's theories on the effects of low-frequency electrical phenomena have recently been investigated in connection with the control of worldwide weather.

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